Something Right


I may not be able to jump back in the saddle and run a nice distance yet, but I must be doing something right.

I may not be able to reply to mail, pay bills a week ahead, or realize my library books had a one week (not three) return date, but I must be doing something right.

I may not be able to hold a conversation at the same time as trying to get through a business book or hold my tongue instead of snapping back an insincere “I’m sorry”, but I must be doing something right.

I may not be the perfect mother, wife, cousin, or friend, but I must be doing something right.


Tonight’s post is brought to you by the blogger who realizes blogging, parenting, marriage, friendship, life isn’t always Pinterest Perfect. Nor should it be. Be thankful for the small, beautiful things. Like your 4 year old reading you Spoon. Enjoy these moments and don’t snap when the going gets a little uneasy.

Removes blogging hat and reads the above to herself. Amen to that.

The Joy of Reading


As an avid reader, I am so glad to watch our children fall in love with books. A loves to read to Lil Man (or anyone who will listen), and even at her age, her comprehension skills are incredible.

We’re lucky to have a lil bookworm in our midst. It probably comes from being good models–I read to her while she was in my womb, we read to her multiple times daily, a bedtime book s a must, and she sees us read (even if it’s google reader on my phone or yahoo news on mr burgher’s computer).

Hopefully Lil Man catches on, too. He was involved in nightly reads when in my womb, but we didn’t explicitly read “I Love You, Sleepyhead!” or “Princess Baby” to my growing belly. If he hasn’t fallen asleep first, he is involved in storytime with A before bed.  I just hope we can make it more of a tradition with him, too.

Cause I gotta tell you, there is nothing sweeter than having your child climb in your lap to read you a book.

While we’re talking books, can I tell you I shed tears in my local Borders twice in the past month? The bookstore is going out of business and sadly, it is probably seeing more business than ever. Even though I have a kindle reader on my phone, there is something amazing about holding a book in your hands, bending a page you enjoy, or letting it soak up the sun (or tub suds) with you. Nothing beats that, but sadly, we are moving from the tangible to the digital. Perhaps a whole ‘nother post could come from that thought…

And…while searching out coupons, Mr. Burgher found boxes and boxes of books in dumpsters. Sad, right? As an ex-teacher (who gladly robbed Peter to pay Paul to make sure her classroom library was stellar), I would never have thrown out books! We keep adding books to our collection, posting some on freecycle, and making boxes to donate to A’s school. If you have books sitting around, pass them on, don’t throw them out! (Or I will shed some tears.)