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Just in time for Father’s Day, Speck Products has some options to protect your guy’s mobile devices while on the go.

As a stay-at-home dad, Greg typically keeps his iPad Mini handy for the meltdown moments that might happen while out and about with Evan and Ari. And let’s be for real – he likes to have it for trips, too. While I love the man, he’s dropped his share of devices (hence why he didn’t have a smartphone until recent). (And he is not alone…more on that below.)

When I was asked to check out Speck’s products for iPads, I knew Greg would love the DuraFolio which is available for the iPad Air and mini. It provides military grade protection and doesn’t add the bulk. So, while I don’t want him dropping his iPad, I know if he does, it’s safe. The fact that it is a slim case (almost like a wrap!) means that it won’t take up much more space than it would out of the box. We’ve both enjoyed the built-in stand, too. With this kick-stand style stand, we’ve been able to prop the iPad up on the kitchen counter and keep tabs on the baseball games while cooking dinner.

DuraFolio from Speck
Source: Speck Products

If your guy is particular about colors, there are several options including blacks, blues, slates, and reds. (Moms, there is even a pink one for you.) We got the “Deep Sea” (shown above) and it’s a perfect fit with my summer bag patterns…and my Galaxy case (which you can see if you click here then click “Caribbean Blue / Deep Sea Blue”). (Even moms like me have a habit of dropping phones!) *wink*

Luckily, the only features we’ve been able to really, truly test are the fit and the stand – no dropping so far! I trust that this case will keep Greg’s iPad Mini nice and safe. 

The DuraFolio is available for iPad Air for $69.95 and iPad mini for $59.95 at

If a day to day case isn’t quite what you are looking for and you want to give the dad in your life a tool to help keep the kids busy in the backseat, consider the ShowFolio. This is Speck’s first in-car folio case. “It frees the user to take their iPad more places and provides multiple benefits due to the seamless shift in functionality from in-car viewing mount to folio.”

ShowFolio Speck
Source: Speck Products

The ShowFolio is available at Target and speck in two colors for $69.95.

And for the techie in your life that doesn’t have an iPad? Speck Products has plenty of tools to keep your technologies protected. Bonuses? Free Shipping. One Year Warranty. Super engaged social communities (trust me – they tweeted me and engaged on Instagram!). Go check them out at today!