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Be Brave. Be Kind. Be Fabulous.

This year’s Pittsburgh Pride theme is “Be Brave”. The company I work for has embraced the “Be Kind” Core Value to embrace differences through our “Proud” organization. Evan is always urging us to “Be Fabulous”. keep reading

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Ally and I Know It

Following BlogHer 13, I am hoping to be more open and honest with my posts. A few months ago, after Pride, I chose to write this post and put it up on my BlogHer profile instead of here “in public”. Several people read it over there, but I feel compelled to write it here, too. keep reading

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Creepy Kid and ScareHouse Bunny

creepy kid and ScareHouse Bunny

Yesterday at Pride, my creepy kid and ScareHouse Bunny had a moment.

Might I remind you that this kid doesn’t like costumed characters, especially Santa and the Easter Bunny? Yes, she engaged in the whole, “can I have a photo with ScareHouse Bunny” thing. Yes, she smiled. And yes, she said that “hanging with the Easter Bunny” was one of the most fun moments of Pride (although tomorrow I’ll be sharing a handful of gems from her). keep reading

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Last weekend, the ‘lil Burghers family got to march in the Pittsburgh Pride parade with my work. We marched behind a color guard who was playing Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger”. I don’t know if it was the music, the heat, the people who came out in support, or what, but I had tears in my eyes the whole parade. keep reading

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