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A Win for Families in Pittsburgh: #ppsafterschool

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Source: Jason Cohn

Disclosure: This content has been compensated as part of an Early Childhood Education promotion for Pittsburgh Public Schools. However, all opinions remain my own. #ppsafterschool

What’s the main reason Greg and I maintain a working mom / stay-at-home dad family balance? Because balancing work, child care, and soon school are not the easiest jobs in the world. We’re lucky that I’m able to work to provide for the family, but not everyone has that flexibility. As you know, we went back and forth in the spring about what to do regarding Arianna’s (pre-)schooling, and finally settled in on a public school program that fits our family’s needs. keep reading

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Parenting Decision: School

One of the things I’ve learned as a parent is that you cannot second guess your decisions. Many things we decide as a parent are made in a split-second, while others involve great thought and discussion. The decision we made to not enroll Arianna in another year of preschool was not an easy one, yet here I am second guessing my parenting decision about her school “career” and she’s only four. keep reading

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Leprechaun Trap 2013

Repeating a year in Pre-3 means that Arianna got to make herself another Leprechaun Trap in school. (Translated, Mama gets to use some creativity if she allows the time and Arianna watches with glee, assisting on few tasks.)

I realized too late that I had thrown out last year’s version (saving anything salvageable) and that we had to start fresh. No worries, we still had her Valentine’s box at hand and plenty of green tissue paper. Arianna gave her idea for vision–no ladder this year, a tunnel to crawl through that was covered in vines. Good thing I save paper towel rolls! keep reading

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To Trap a Leprechaun

Last week, ‘lil Miss A came home with a preschool homework assignment. “Build and bring in your leprechaun trap on March 14.” This Pinterest crazy mama thought it would be the perfect craft for us to do. I had visions, and my visions had visions. keep reading

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Pre-School Valentines

Today was ‘lil Miss A’s class valentine party. A’s teacher asked me if I would be able to make it today, and I was lucky enough to rearrange my schedule so I could be there. I was working from home in the morning, and ended up rushing in last minute, but just in time for A to pass out her “I Love You a Ton” valentines I made while scrapping in January, and Oreos that Mr. Burgher couponed (and our dairy free ‘lil one can eat). keep reading

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Wordless Wednesday: First Homework Assignment

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Her First Day

As you saw yesterday, Lil Miss A has started Pre-School! Several have asked how it went, so here is your bonus post to tell all. 🙂

The morning started off quiet, she and I got ready together. Every step I took to get ready to get out the door, she felt she had to do. We pretended to put deodorant, perfume, and makeup on her, brushed our teeth in sync with each other, and put on our shoes together. keep reading

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Someone Needs to Stop Time

Seriously. Can one of you get on that? I know a few of you talk to the Big Man upstairs like we do, so maybe you can say an extra prayer or two for us?

This past weekend, my mind starting racing. Lil Miss A is growing up way too fast because too much time has passed between some events. keep reading

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