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I was recently traveling for work and like many other moms before me, the line “put on your own mask before you help others” struck a chord with me. We moms all too often give and give and give and then find ourselves forgetting to care for ourselves. While a juice can’t completely solve that for us, Bundle Organics has a tasty option to making sure pregnant and nursing moms get the nutrients we need.

bundle organics

This line of juices contains vitamins like omega-3 and iron to help keep our bodies caring for us so we can then care for our babies. And there’s more:

  • USDA Organic. Our juices contain only the best and brightest organic fruits and veggies. Flavorless produce need not apply.

  • Safe to Sip. You have enough to think about. That’s why our juices are 100% worry-free. “Raw” and “fresh-pressed” juices might contain harmful bacteria. So we pasteurize our juices for maximum nutrition, flavor, and pow!

  • An Extra Bump. Our juices supplement prenatal vitamins with an extra bump of key vitamins and minerals for healthy development. Folic acid (200mcg). Check! Calcium (100mg). Check! Vitamin D (60IU). Check! Omega-3 (500mg). Check!

  • Hydration, Please. Expecting moms should drink 8 to 10 glasses of fluid a day (that can seem like enough to fill a baby pool!). Luckily, our juices are a delicious alternative to plain ole water, leaving you feeling hydrated and oh-so-healthy.

  • OB-GYN Approved. The first batch of Bundle Organics was made right in our kitchen, but we didn’t trust our taste buds alone. So we consulted with experts from OB-GYNs to leading nutritionists to make sure our juices were packed with all the right stuff – the nutrients and supplements that both mom and baby need. Check out our “About Us” page to find out more about the super smart all-stars behind our brand!

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Now, it’s not as simple as drinking a juice to solve all your “mask moments”, but it’s a start. For me, I haven’t been eating the healthiest, but knowing I have options like this to get in my daily fruits and veggies is a win. Weirdly, I wasn’t loving fruits and veggies as much when I was pregnant with the twins – my post “getting healthy” pregnancy! I wish I’d found out about these juices earlier, but I do like them for supporting my nursing nutritional needs.

Bonus for expecting moms? The green and orange blends include ginger – great for those morning sick days when nothing else seems to sit well. (I even go to this juice now because I don’t always feel great in the mornings after not eating all night then nursing for up to 45 minutes before showering and heading to work – where I eat my breakfast.) Sounds pretty impressive for a prenatal juice, right?


Although I recommend these juices for their convenience and taste, I am not a certified medical professional.  If you are pregnant or nursing, consider working with your doctor and/or dietitian if you have questions or concerns about drinking juices (such as Bundle Organics) during this life stage.

More information on Bundle Organics can be found at their website: bundleorganics.com

Panorama Prenatal Screen

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Two pink lines followed by 999 questions. From the moment you see the results of a positive pregnancy test, the lives of new parents becomes filled with overwhelming joy and worry. You might be thinking, “I’m pregnant. Now What?”…and that’s totally normal. I’ve been there (three times) and wanted to team up with Panorama® Prenatal Screen to give first trimester moms some tips and information on the “Now What”.

twins announcement
We announced the twins on 9/28/14

Let’s go back to February 2008, April 2010, and August 2014: the three times I found out I was expecting. All three times I felt joy and fear, like every choice I made was going to make or break if for my baby. With my first pregnancy, I relied on the “What to Expect” book. With my second, I relied on my gut (I did fine once before, I’ll do fine again). And with the third, I took to Pinterest to learn ways to make it a healthy pregnancy. And all three times? I learned some new “do’s and don’ts”.


But the best tip I received? Go with your gut – you know your body (and baby) best. Communicating that with your medical provider, even if it’s 999 fears, is going to go a long way for you and baby.

Twins NST
One of my NST’s with the Twins

Because you now have a ‘lil miracle growing inside you, that first positive test is time to start preparing for baby and working through what you’re feeling in your body. Panorama prenatal screen provided me with some of “do’s and don’ts” of pregnancy to share. My personal favorite is #1 – to pick a care provider that makes you feel comfortable (this includes ob/gyn doctor, staff, and hospital for delivery). It will help make the rest of it smoother in the long run.

Pregnancy Tips

Having had a high-risk pregnancy, I quickly became familiar with tests, ultrasounds, and multiple check-ups. We talked about family history and what prenatal screenings would make sense. Based on our family history and my faith, I passed on many of them. As the pregnancy went on, I wished I had gone through with some of them to put me at ease. One such test is the Panorama, a safe prenatal screening that tell parents more about baby:

[Parents] can find out if baby is at risk for having Down syndrome or other chromosomal abnormalities. Panorama can also tell parents the gender of their baby. Non-invasive and highly accurate, Panorama has the lowest false positive rate of any prenatal screening test for the commonly screened chromosomal abnormalities, trisomies 21, 18 and 13. And, Panorama can be done as early as nine weeks into pregnancy using a simple blood draw.

If you are expecting and are interested in find out more about Panorama Prenatal Screen, find a medical provider and talk to them about your concerns. Understand that you are not alone. While I (or a medical professional) can’t tell you everything will be okay, we can tell you that knowing the “now what” will make a difference in your pregnancy. (You can also learn more from Panorama on Facebook.)


safe prenatal screening