Tech Tuesday: Kanex

Enter disclaimer text This Tech Tuesday post is brought to you by Kanex.

Those months just before a phone upgrade seem to drag, don’t they? When you’re spending hours in the car, listening to audio books and trying to navigate the best commute, those months drag even longer. This time around, I’m lucky enough to be backed up with two products from Kanex to make them just a little shorter.

I’m using this keychain for more than keeping my keys together. It’s got a micro USB (lightning, Apple certified!) to connect my phone to my computer. This is a quick and easy way to make sure I’ve always got a charging cable with me and double bonus, it works with my iPad. How fun is the bottle opener?


Reality is that being connected to a computer or outlet isn’t always ideal (like last week at Girl Scouts in a pavillion). The Kanex GoPower holds two charges (one for me, one for him, or both for me if I’m not in a sharing mood, ha) for your smaller micro USB devices or the iPad once. 

For charging at your desk, kick out the stand:

I have the midsized 6000 mAh, which is compact enough to travel in my bag daily or in my hand with my phone while I’m wandering around. I love the LED lights that indicate how much charge time is left, too. 

If you’re interested in grabbing up these devices, you can find all the specifics on the Kanex website. Pin this post on your gift ideas board for those “have everything” people, too!

Tell me…When could your day have been saved because of one of these devices?

“Still Not Wonder Women”

Disclaimer: I was sent information and opted to share it with my readers. Opinions within are my own (and the author’s).

My faithful readers know that I’ll be the first to admit that wearing the cape in my family isn’t the easiest thing. When I read Deborah Spar’s article, “Women, Despite Being Leaders, Are Still Not Wonder Women“, you can believe I was feeling it.

If trying to do it all as a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and co-worker sounds like you, perhaps you were be interested in checking out the article above and Deborah Spar’s new book, Wonder Women: Sex, Power, and the Quest for Perfection (which can be found here on her site).

I know I’ll be trying to get myself a copy and get the spare time to take a good read of it, especially after the past few whirlwind weeks!