Potty Training with Potette

(Enter disclaimer text) It’s almost that time – getting the twins to own their big girl status. In the coming weeks, we’ll be potty training with Potette, a 2-in-1 travel potty system. We’re bracing ourselves, but at the same time looking forward to the independence they’ll gain.


What is the Potette?

The Potette Plus is both a travel potty and a trainer seat – giving your ‘lil one a safe, sanitary potty experience. It folds away and makes potty training easy and convenient – especially for moms of multiples!

For travel, you can fold up the seat and put it in the backpack so you can use it in public restrooms or (like we’ve had to) at an emergency pull-off. The legs fold in and it comes with liners and sanitary bags to dispose of the waste.

At home, you can use it with the legs (like a standard potty training seat) or using it as a seat to make your home toilet not so big and scary. Check out this how-to video from the Potette website to see what I’m talking about:

Why It Works

For us, potty training with Potette makes a lot of sense. With two to train, we need something easy and convenient, something we can carry with us and not worry about accidents on the go. The backpack ensures our normal diaper bag won’t get yucky and it even fits on the girls’ back!


The girls enjoy books, so the fact that it comes with “Quest for Cloud Kingdom: A Petey Potette Training Tale” makes our job 10x easier – they’ll be reading how to conquer the task of potty training with a friendly pal. The size is also perfect for our ‘lil ones – our previous potty is too high for them to climb on yet and doesn’t have the dual features of being a stand-alone seat and insert for the “big girl potty”.

Isla is the first of the twins giving us signs of wanting to potty. She was so excited to unwrap the Potette at Christmas, carrying it around for hours. While she has only gone successfully once, she knows when it’s time to go – just needs to do it! 

potette plus

Where to Buy

You can find the Potette Plus (including the backpack, liners, sanity bags, and even the Petey Potette story pack) online and in baby stores nationwide. I recommend picking one up on Amazon so it comes right to your doorstep. You can learn more about the Potette from Kalencolm here.

What’s Next?

Time to dedicate a weekend to pretzels, water, and the Potette Plus! What tips do you have for us?

Night Time Training Pants

Disclosure: I received a sample from Thanks Mama of the Potty Scotty and Potty Patty Night Time Training Pants in exchange for a review. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own.

Oh, this ‘lil boy of mine. He’s been nighttime potty trained since April. I clearly remember the day I went to the toy store at the mall and picked up a toy to celebrate his one week of no peeing the bed at night. It was the same day as the Warmup on Walnut and my surprise 30th birthday, so that’s a SOLID 7 months ago. But, you see, something happened in mid-September and he reverted.

We’ve been going back and forth with letting him pee the bed (which just resulted in far to much stink and laundry) and putting him back in night time diapers. Urgh!

When Thanks Mama reached out to see if I’d be interested in working with them on a review again, I was super excited to be offered the chance to try out the Potty Scotty and Potty Patty Night Time Training Pants.

The description had me at “waterproof”, and I love that these are very much like the cloth diapers I’d really would have liked to have given a try when the ‘lil Burghers were babies. Here’s what the site says about the pants:

These Potty Patty / Potty Scotty Night Time Potty Training Pants have waterproof fabric on the outside and extra absorbent padding on the inside. These training pants are waterproof and extra absorbent and will contain the accidents better; however, they will still feel wet, so your child will know that he/she has wet underwear.

The outer shell is a very soft waterproof fabric; it is not vinyl or plastic, it is fabric, so it feels very nice to touch; The inside is lined with a layer of a very soft and absorbent terry fabric. The middle layer is padded with fiber sponge for super absorbency.

Info and Photo Source: ThanksMama.com


Evan was just as excited as I was to get the pants and give them a try. We ordered him the size 2-4, and they fit very nicely with the perfect amount of snug. There’s two sets of snaps, so we could adjust them if he grew and still needed them. (To give you perspective, he’s tall for his age but weighs just over 30 pounds so small for weight. If he was much bigger, I may have questioned my choice, but I can’t say for sure since I haven’t seen the bigger size in person.)

When he first put them on, he proclaimed that they were “so, so, so soft” and danced around my room a bit.


It may have helped that we promised him a great prize if he didn’t pee the bed that night (more to come on that!), but so what. It worked. He was dry the next day!

The next night? Not so much. He peed. And he peed. And he peed. It’s like he can’t tell at all when he’s wet (or if he can tell, he doesn’t care?). Eek. But, no worries. The Potty Scotty and Potty Patty Night Time Training Pants held up to his major soakage just fine. No leaks on his bed or jammies. And clean up? Super easy. I haven’t gotten the pleasure(?) of cleaning cloth diapers, but I felt a major rush rinsing then hand washing these pants. It felt good to do something good for the environment because I knew that accident wasn’t his last.

And unfortunately, it wasn’t his last accident, but that’s ok. He’s two. Sometimes I forget how lucky we were to have a just barely two year old so interested in not peeing the bed. Now to get that back. But in the meantime, these training pants are definitely helping out!

Want your own goodies from Thanks Mama? Use Coupon Code “5off” for $5 off $50!

About Thanks Mama: 

Thanksmama.com is family owned and operated natural baby store. They offer a great selection of cloth diapering products, potty training pants, swim diapers, natural baby care products, baby carriers, bibs, toys, nursery furniture and bedding, strollers and much more. They look for innovative products that are good for the baby and the environment and they never forget that most families are on a budget. That’s why Thanks Mama offers the Lowest Prices, Free Shipping on orders over $60 within USA, 90 days easy returns; Buy Safe Guarantee and Price Guarantee. Thanks Mama does ship worldwide!

Thanksmama.com is dedicated to bringing the best cloth diapers, training pants and swim diapers on the market at the best value.  They have many cloth diaper packages that have volume discounts built in, many come with complementary products and make shopping for cloth diapers in bulk easy. Cloth diapers for parents that are new to cloth are also available; they are great for trying different types and brands of cloth diapers. Thanks Mama has knowledgeable customer service that would be happy to help with any questions or concerns.

If you want to be up to date on everything cloth diapers, know about current promotions, want to read and participate in discussions about natural parenting, modern family fun and challenges, green living; not to mention participate in weekly Giveaways, Sweepstakes, Twitter Parties and Contests, follow Thanks Mama on FacebookTwitterBlogPinterest or Google +.

Parenthood Rollercoaster

As parents, we are constantly at the amusement park riding a roller coaster. We have our up days and our down days. There are thrills, and there are chills. This is all part of parenthood.

Evan has been working on the whole potty training thing for months now (remember last week when I mentioned regression?). Today he had an accident in his pants and while waiting for Greg to get clean ones, he started the rest of his business “like an animal on the floor”.

Rather than share with you the (not safe for work) photo that scrolled across my phone screen (honestly right at a minute I needed a laugh), I’ll share Greg’s Facebook status instead.



Parenting. It sure can be trying, but really it’s pretty funny when you’re not the one dealing with toddler poop.

What parenting rollercoaster has your kid taken you on this week? Take a moment and share in the comments below. Oh, and while we’re talking Facebook, have you liked ‘lil Burghers  on Facebook yet? 

Needing a Holiday

Raise your hand if you are with me. Good, I am not alone.

Today was a half day for me and yet a busy one. I really am ready for a holiday to relax. Luckily, one is around the corner.

We will be celebrating with my parents on Sunday after we get to enjoy some time outside tomorrow. This will hopefully include Chatham’s Spring Festival and the Zoo.

By the way, if you do head to the Zoo, look for the Hot Wheels event:

It will be a great event for families to attend; we’ll have larger-than-life Hot Wheels toys, the kids can race their favorite cars on the 20 foot long Downhill 5 Lane Track and we’ll have the life size 2013 Hot Wheels Camaro on site.

If this crazed mama can get the ‘lil ones together after a 6-mile training session in the morning…look for us and say hello. If I don’t answer you (like I did to a co-worker in the grocery store tonight, oops!) know that my mind is on vacation and I am not really trying to be rude. Really.


By the way, today we learned that Evan’s favorite color must be green based on his Sonic drink of choice, green apple Sprite. Also, he napped dry and got a Thomas Pez dispenser as a prize. He’s pretty proud, but more fixated on “where did green [Wendy’s rocking chair that he claimed as his big boy bed] go?”. Arianna just spilled the beans and showed him the hiding place. Let’s hope we all get a much needed sleep tonight (no thanks to the Pez and missing green). Sigh.


Potty Training + Yoga

This morning I laid in bed, not because I was lazy, but because getting out of bed meant I had to put on clothes depending on what I was going to do for my daily workout. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a run (layers and layers–it’s 9 degrees out there and snowing) or yoga (shorts and a tank top since THE HEAT IS ON). The kids and Greg were all asleep, so I figured either way it was alone time but that yoga would be best so I wouldn’t startle Greg by making a “hey, I busted my a$$ at the corner of 11th and Western [because I thought it would be wise to run up hill in the snow], come peel me off the road” phone call.

So, I found my clothes and tiptoed out (okay, after telling him about my cheating on the scale). When I opened the door, I was greeted by a ‘lil girl and then heard a yell for “Mama! Mama!”. Crap. Both kids were wide awake, and the dogs wanted out, too. I took some time with the four kids and then set myself up for yoga.

Oh, now would be the time to mention that Evan didn’t have to potty upon waking, but gladly slipped into his Thomas James (#5, his favorite number) unders and had his sister teach him how to fill a sippy cup with water from the bathroom sink, right?

I settled in to an hour of yoga, telling the kids that they needed to watch from the couch or go play in the toy room because this was me time (finding my peace and all). No questions unless they’re urgent.

Maybe at this point you can tell me why a four-year-old cannot entertain herself (even after 2 years 2 months as an only child) yet a 25 month old can entertain himself? Please? Someone? No? Okay. She bothered me the entire yoga set, turning an hour workout into an hour and 15 minutes. So much for finding OHM. Finally, with 20 minutes left, she decided she was marching her Alice in Wonderland costumed body up to her room “for a nap”. Good riddance, child.

I went back to yoga, settling in to the last, more relaxing moments of my workout. With (kid you not) 5 minutes to go, Evan starts yelling, “I wonnnna potty! I wonnnnna potty!”. I inhale. I exhale. I peel myself off the mat and scoop the kid up. He HATES our downstairs potty, so I skip steps to the upstairs. We make it just in time (with a small dribble on James)  for him to empty his bladder. We switch to Thomas (“I wooonnna wear 5! 5! 5!”) and I hand him a bag of Swedish Fish as his pee-pee prize. At the sound of the peeling of wrapper, out comes Alice, demanding she get a pee-pee prize, too. Where is my peace?!??!!

I make my eldest cry, she retreats to her room, and Evan watches me finish my yoga, chomping on gummy fish and smiling. Perhaps this is my peace…for now.

Maybe THIS is how I should do Saturday Yoga???
source: Pinterest

The Anatomy of Potty Training

It’s been an on again, off again battle to get ‘lil Man to truly go on the potty on the regular. What can we expect? He just turned two, so (in my mind) it’s still very early. Arianna started around that age as well and was fully “good to go” a few months later. But, I know, it shouldn’t take months. Here’s the “anatomy of potty training” when it comes to ‘lil Man.

Step 1: Shriek, “I wonnna potty!” and pull at pants.

Step 2: Begin to pull pants down, regardless of where you are in the house.

Step 3: Decide if Mama or Daddy will take you. Nine times out of ten, you pick Daddy, but really want Mama to go instead.

Step 4: Demand to go upstairs because the diaper sprayer downstairs scares you.

Step 5: Tug at butt of pants and proclaim, “Uh oh, me poopy”.

Step 6: Convince Daddy that getting off the couch MUST happen NOW.

Step 7: Go upstairs.

Step 8: Enter bathroom and proceed to ask if you can “brush teef”.

Step 9: Daddy asks if you really need to potty. You say NO then go back downstairs, nothing in the potty or your pants.

Step 10: Wait 4 minutes for Daddy to get back into a comfy position and re-queue up the show he was watching.

Step 11: Start back at step 1 and at step 3 decide this time it’s Mama’s turn.

Step 12: Go upstairs with Mama.

Step 13: Get completely naked (perhaps because you are afraid of this happening again?).

Step 14: Climb on potty and point to toothbrushes. “I wonnnna brush teef.”

Step 15: Ask if you can wipe. Mama says NO.

Step 16: Let out air. Clap hands and proclaim, “I went poopy!”.

Step 17: Dance on the potty then realize you didn’t really do business.

Step 18: Grunt. Grunt. Grunt some more. All the sudden, #1 and #2 are exiting. Look at Mama and smile.

Step 19: Ask to wipe. Wipe. Get Mama’s help so you don’t fall in (since you refuse to use the baby potty).

Step 20: Exit bathroom, naked, and go to the top of the stairs. Yell, “Daddy! Me potty and I naked!” while you shake your booty and giggle.

Step 21: Get dressed in jammies, the kind with the zippers and feet. Wait 2 minutes after bedtime story is done. Decide you have to potty again and start back at step 1.

IMG_5501 (Copy) - Copy

Thirty Days of Thankful and NaBloPoMo Day 36: Candy Corn PumpKeens


That ‘lil centerpiece up there was nice for Thanksgiving, but it proved even nicer in these days after. The sweet candy corn “pumpkeens” up there were a temptation for the kids…but they became a motivator for a certain ‘lil Man. The past two days, the pumpkeens became rewards for him using the potty! We’ve had success with what I believe is the harder of the two parts of potty training, but he showed he was ready for the first, too. So what if a ‘lil sugar did the trick?!?!

This post is part of NaBloPoMo.

NaBloPoMo November 2012

‘lil Man’s Big News

My mom got ‘lil Man a big present while we were on vacation–Thomas and Star Wars underpants. He’s been trying hard to tell us when he has to go (the best attempt thus far had been him telling me he had to in the pool and then fighting me to go on the big potty and peeing on the floor mid-move).

Tonight, we had to pause the game so Greg could witness (and then document) this after Arianna came to us yelling that ‘lil Man had to potty:

[‘lil Man] has been showing interest in the potty for some time now but all trips have been short lived and uneventful…until tonight. He pulled off his pull-up and came out saying “Owwwann potty” like usual but this time, he got on there and immediately started pushin till he popped out a poop!! He was so excited, he really wants to start wearing those big boy Thomas underwear that Grammie got him!! So proud!!!

Way to go, ‘lil Man! I have a feeling that Thomas is going to be your new best friend. 😉

TidyTots Potty Chair Liners #Review & #Giveaway

It’s hard to believe, but ‘lil Miss A has been out of diapers for somewhere around a year now. The potty chair has all but become a stool and an emergency use tool. Even harder to believe, ‘lil Man is showing interest in starting to potty train (and the doctor even suggested it at his last checkup). Just in time, I was provided with a set of TidyTots disposable potty chair liners to review (and give away)!

In one box, you get 16 disposable liners–perfect for keeping your potty chair clean and fresh. I took out the first liner and bag and did some investigating. The box instructions looked simple enough. You put the liner in the removable piece of your potty chair bowl, smooth it out, then toss in the super-absorbent pad (it really is almost like a maxi pad). The kiddo does their business, and then you get to choose if it’s time to pull it and change the liner or “if it’s yellow let it mellow”–you can wait for 2-3 uses before pulling it out.

Personally, I was a bit too fast with the process. I had a kid that needed to go and wanted to help me (‘lil Miss A) and another that just wanted to be destructive. So, our liner went in like this:

It should have been smoother, but I was happier to have it in like that than have pee on the floor. It worked like a charm anyways. The wet stuff was contained in the liner thanks to the absorbent pad. After ‘lil Man tried to do his business, I decided I wasn’t too thrilled with letting it sit, so we pulled it, tied it, (took a picture), and threw it away.

TidyTots are made so you can “discard the liner just as you would dispose of a diaper”. Being part of the Tote Bag Challenge, I see this a bit differently. It’s a plastic bag that is going to sit in a landfill. Sure, a diaper is going to sit in a landfill, but (at least in my brain), it’s going to decompose a lot faster than a plastic bag (but I could be wrong). Sure, the potty chair is clean and fresh, but we’re throwing one more thing in the landfill. That’s the only downside I see to using this product–but it wouldn’t be as bad if you were willing to use it for 2-3 uses. I just couldn’t do it!

There’s a lot of great reason to use the liners–they are sanitary, you don’t have to clean the potty (I hate dumping pee and #2 out, gross!), and think about travel! Last summer, we traveled with our potty, and would just dump it as we went. If you had tidy tots, your kids could really go wherever. That’s how we’ll use TidyTots–for the coupon trips/travel with the potty–more often than day to day potty use.

TidyTots would like to share a box of the potty chair liners with you! Enter in the form below, and the winner will be announced on June 28! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: TidyTots provided me with their product to test and review. All opinions in this review are 100% my own!

Night Time Changes

A change to ‘lil Miss A’s night time has to come soon. She’s been interested in potty training since she was 20 months old, and relatively quickly picked it up. What we just can’t get down, however, is the night time training.

Part of this is for obvious reasons. Her room is at the top of the stairs, so we don’t keep her door open at night. She still relies on pull ups for nighttime use instead of escaping her room. The other part is flat out sleep habits. She sleeps well into the night, and through anything. I can’t really see her waking up and getting to the bathroom (which conveniently for her, is next to her room).

So, what do we do? What works for night time training? Help!