Stay at Home Family: The Joys

Being a stay at home family usually has a lot more positives than negatives. Sometimes it is hard to remember that. Here are the things that we love about being a stay at home family.


I have no idea what the going rate for daycare is these days, but when Arianna was a baby, it was $600 per month. On a teacher’s salary, that plus rent and a car pretty much did my budget in. Two kids at $600 and then balancing schedules? It’s worth every penny saved.


Daycares can be great places to learn and grow, but with Greg staying home we have a handle on the things the kids are learning. No worries about the influence (or germs) of other kids!


Occasionally we get together for a family lunch. It’s a good break in the day to see Greg and the kids and motivates me to make to 5:00.


If it’s a nice day, they can pick up and head to the zoo or aviary. (This makes me jealous!)

Jammie Days

So many days I’ve come home after work and slipped into PJ pants, might as well join the rest of ‘em!


Arianna is able to go to a half day, three day a week preschool because we can pick her up. One of us can usually swing joining parties and events. This really means the world to a preschooler.

Package Delivery

People probably question what is going on at our house because the UPS and FedEx trucks are dropping off packages pretty much daily. Welcome to the life of a blogger. We had a bad incident last year when a box of Thirty-One items was stolen from us, so being home to intercept packages is pretty important to us.


First steps, first words, first fights…Greg’s been witness to all of it. I can’t speak for him, but that has to be an awesome feeling. I remember the first time I saw Arianna drink from a straw, and I was elated. Imagine that times 1000. Pretty cool job, I think!

+ + +

These are just a few of the pros of being a stay at home family. Sure, they are brief and may verge on cheesy, but they sure are cool to us. If you’ve been a stay at home parent, what pros do you have to share?

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(My hero of a SAHD!)