All You Can Eat

Last night we watched the hometown Pirates take on Greg’s Braves. While my team won, it was still a fun game. We had All You Can Eat seats and I figured I’d share our experience.

First, the tickets were the first row in 145. We were 3 and 4, but 1 and 2 never showed. Good thing, cause those seats are not built for the big people chowing on food (myself included!). They are close together, not a lot of leg room, and not angled. Imagine balancing a tray of three hot dogs, a burger, and peanuts (ahem, Greg) and then having to stand up to let people through. Oy! Also, our row was a dead end, so only one way in and out.

You can do this semi-healthy. I got a salad and bunless dog.

Eat early. Somethings ran out in the third inning and it was too bad, so sad, no popcorn for you!

Don’t be that guy. You know, you pay the $13 extra and then take orders for your friend in 144 (see eat early, above).

Do eat your money’s worth, not a hard feat at the ballpark!

Kids would be iffy, atleast ours. Allergy friendly for the most part, but see seating above. Do you want to handle that with toddlers?

Logistically, that sounds like no fun, but really we had a great time, a great view, and full tummies. Ice cream in the 5th was a good idea…fall games are cold, so we ate it early. If I weren’t eating healthier, we might do it again. Ok, I don’t feel like I pigged out and we walked to/from the casino to enjoy the game. All in all, when you have a skinny guy to go beside you and he eats his weight in hot dogs, you can more than get your money’s worth. 😉