Loyal Fans

I am opening up a whole can of worms here, but forgive me. You see, our house has suffered several big losses this week when it comes to our sports teams, especially for the Clemson Tigers and Pittsburgh Steelers. It has not been easy to swallow, and it sure as heck would be easy to jump on some bandwagon now through the playoffs, but it is not going to happen.

You see, we are loyal fans who love our teams and players regardless. There were mistakes, bad calls, injuries, good plays by the other teams. But we are teaching our children the right way to be a fan–to be loyal regardless of the outcome. It is good sportsmanship, right? We will hold our heads high (even though August is so far away) and stay dedicated to the Black and Gold, Orange and Purple.

We don’t jump ship when the going gets tough. We don’t run to another team when ours is out. We were born loyal and will die loyal. Let our haters be our motivators, cause haters gonna hate.


Forever Fans