Things to Do with Kids in Pittsburgh: January 2018

Winter is definitely here in the ‘Burgh, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of things to do with kids in Pittsburgh in January. We’ve browsed the internet and local events calendar and have pulled together a list of things for you to do with your ‘lil Burghers in January.  Enjoy!

kids Pittsburgh January 2018

Things to do with Kids in Pittsburgh: January 2018

We make every effort to ensure the details below are correct; however, please use the “Event Details” links to get Contact Information and ensure the dates and availability are current.

Mess Fest
January 1 at Carnegie Science Center
Event Details

Ice Skating Lessons
January 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 at North Park
Event Details

Annual Holiday Train Display 
January 5-7; 12-14 at Western PA Model Railroad Museum
Read About our Experience | Event Details

Skippy Jon Jones Snow What
January 7-14 at Byham Theater and other locations
Event Details

Drugs Kill Dreams – Jail Experience
January 9 via ARC Manor, Armstrong County (for teens+)
Event Details

January 13 – 21 at Seven Springs
Event Details

Cirque du Soleil Crystal
January 17 – 21 at PPG Paints Arena
Event Details

Wizard of Oz
January 20 – February 4 at Gemini Theater
Event Details

Family FunFest
January 21 at Station Square
Event Details

NFL Play 60 Training Camp 
January 27 at Heinz History Center
Event Details


Have a kid-friendly event in Pittsburgh and want to be added to this list or featured? Contact us for more information on how to be included in our monthly and weekly listings!

EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler 2017

In my journey to get back to the fit mom I was in 2013-14, I set my goals to run again. It’s been about two years in the making, but I think I’m finally back as a distance runner (it only took two good, long races to make me feel that way). Today’s race was the EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler, a fall favorite here in Pittsburgh.

As for documenting my training, it didn’t happen like it had for May’s Pittsburgh Half Marathon because life was pretty busy this fall. But if you’re following over on my Instagram (which you should be for mini blogs!), you’d see that I have been working really hard and had some really good runs the last few weeks (and had a lot of life sprinkled in between my training).

The first (and only other) time I ran the EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler was its inaugural run in 2013. I was faster back then, but that pace is definitely not out of my reach for 2018! You see, I’m definitely feeling four years older and added two more kids to this family since then. But this mama is definitely back to her running game!

Friday at packet pickup, I felt on top of the world!

So how’d it go? Marvelous! I could sit here and tell you I was mad about my pace and that the wheels fell off like they did for the Half, but that wouldn’t be true. I think I was the proudest I’ve ever been of myself with the exception of the 2013 Pittsburgh Half Marathon (my first big race)! Add to this, I did it at day 5 of a sinus infection I’ve just been treating with Essential Oils and prayer as well as an achy right leg from some bumps that happened on Thursday and Saturday (I so should have bubble wrapped myself).

I opted to keep my phone off because ever since the last two updates, my Galaxy has been sucking battery life like there’s no tomorrow. Instead, I ran with my Fitbit (which is a must-have for my fitness journey and is available over on Amazon if I’ve inspired you to get moving) to keep a check on my heart rate and pace. Unfortunately, because of this, I don’t have my splits but I do have what my head and heart went through throughout.

EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler 2017

The day began at about 6, we woke up all the kids and loaded the van. The original plan was to walk from First Avenue Garage to Highmark Stadium, but the rain on our drive down changed that plan. Instead, Greg drove me as close to Station Square as he could then he back-tracked to park and head over to the Rachel Carson Bridge to cheer me on. I found my way to the corral, texted my boss to wish him luck and decided where to place myself for the best pace I could. Corral D was super empty, so I was worried I’d be right in front of the sweep vehicle!

Mile 1: This mile, basically straight up a hill then about half mile flat and another uphill through Carson Street felt so good. I’d positioned myself in front of the 11:00/mile pace group and kept them behind me for much of mile one. The 11:00/mile and 11:30/mile passed me just before the end of this mile, but my FitBit said I was doing basically 11:25.

Mile 2: West End. This is basically all uphill, too. That felt right and awesome, but I kept a back and forth with the 12:00/mile pace groups and knew my clock wasn’t quite right. I’d heard the 12:00 pace group yell “11:46” at mile one back behind me then 11:50-something at the end of mile 2 (again behind me), so I knew I was faster than I thought I could do this and happy.

Mile 3: West End Bridge, do I need to say more?

Mile 4: The climb up Western Avenue basically slowed things down a bit. I ended up walking the end of this mile for 30 seconds because that hill was biting me! I also realized how quiet the course was and it kinda bummed me out.

Mile 5: North Side // passing the Relay Exchange felt good – there’s a bit of downhill through here, so I upped my pace again and could see the 12:00/mile groups just ahead of me. I remembered passing the relay and thinking the exchange was way sooner than five miles (and it was).

Mile 6: Rachel Carson Bridge brought me to the first sight of my family. They were happy to see me twice around the Fort Duquesne Boulevard loop, and I was, too. Greg yelled that I was doing 12:12, and I shrugged, like oh well, no PR but I feel GREAT.

Mile 7: The hip started to feel awful. The hill up to East Ohio Street to the 16th Street Bridge was long and I walked a bit more than I like to admit. I stopped to stretch my hip and catch some breaths. The rest of the course was exactly what I’d trained on and my body knew it, but I was also scared I’d quit when I saw Greg and the kids again at the end of this mile. I stopped to high five my five hearts at the end of 16th Street Bridge and tell Greg I was in a bit of pain. But no pain, no gain.

Mile 8: Penn Avenue is my training grounds. I swore I’d have done better, but the rain started. There were also spectators and a lot of volunteers/medics in this section due to the switchback we did onto Smallman and Penn to get back to Liberty. I remember a biker almost hitting me during that switch and a police trying to stop them from being on the course with no avail. Oops!

Mile 9: I walked the first and last minutes of this mile. It is what it is. At that point, my hip was burning and I needed it. The rain started to come down and I was pretty much soaked. I love running in the rain, but not when I’m hurting! This flat stretch of Liberty seemed excruciatingly long, but I could see the mile 9 timer ahead!

Mile 10: I told myself to just run this thing and I did. My FitBit says around 11:30 to 11:04/mile when I was pushing it. I jumped into a puddle. I swore I saw a rainbow over the EQT building. I saw the family again but needed to put my head down and RUN. I couldn’t do the math as I crossed but I knew I beat my goal of under 13:00/mile and was ecstatic.

After the race, I grabbed my medal and heat sheet (so glad I did) and a banana (gosh, I’ve missed these with Keto, but I needed it for my sluggish legs as they started to cramp quickly). Some Gatorade (again, not Keto but my ear was ringing and I appreciated the sugar shock for a moment) and water then my bubbly from Barefoot over at BRGR. I didn’t even turn on my phone to meet up with Greg and the kids because I just wanted to do all the post-race things quickly…thunder was rolling and lightning started soon after!

We met up and took the T back to the van, Greg told me my pace and I basically didn’t care. I mean, I had some thoughts but those are all silly. Would it have been great to PR? Yes. Would it have been great to do a sub 2? Yes. Would it have been great to knock a whole minute off my Half pace? Yes. But you know what? For feeling like I did + the rain and weird November heat surge, this race was AMAZING and I’m sticking to it.

EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler Official Results

2:07:08 | 12:43/mile

What’s next? I haven’t decided yet. I’d love a Kittanning Turkey Trot, but we don’t have one and I really don’t feel up to driving downtown then home then to family Thanksgiving. I think I’ll keep running, do some 5-6 milers on weekends and be in really good shape for the 2018 Pittsburgh HALF Marathon (that bold is for those of you who think I am crazy and can actually pull off a full with four young kids, that day’s coming, but not next year!).


McDonald’s Signature Crafted Recipe Sandwiches

Enter disclaimer text This summer, a new line has come to McDonald’s – the McDonald’s Signature Crafted Recipe Sandwiches. I got a chance to test out two of them – have you tried them yet?

McDonald’s Signature Crafted Recipe

The McDonald’s Signature Crafted Recipe line of sandwiches brings three amazing flavor combinations, all with fresh and tasty ingredients. It’s a build-your-own experience, starting from the recipe (Pico Guacamole, Sweet BBQ, or Maple Bacon Dijon) > adding the protein (100% beef, crispy chicken, or grilled chicken) > then picking your bun (artisan roll or sesame seed bun). You can also add a drink and fries to make it a meal.

Now, due to my just finishing up the Whole30, it took me a little while to get my body ready to handle the flavors and additions that are found in these options. I have to say, it was worth the wait! Which two do you think made it in my bag?

I headed to my local McDonald’s and gave the Sweet BBQ with 100% Beef and Pico Guacamole with Artisan Grilled Chicken a try. (For the purposes of this review, I tried two sandwiches but will tell you I had to cut them in half and got very full on a “whole” of each type I tried! These are big sandwiches! Also, I had to take off the buns because gluten and I are not friends…but I have a good source who confirmed they’re delicious…I trust him since he eats the food I cook! *wink*)

Look at all this guacamole on the Pico Guacamole Chicken sandwich! This called for a few napkins, but no complaints from me, the guac-lover!

And that bacon…so delicious!

These are premium sandwiches that were inspired by people just like you and me – people looking for something zesty, tasty, and delicious. Check out this video from McDonald’s:

If you’re lovin’ it, head out to McDonald’s and try your own favorite combination. You can read more about all of the recipes over on

If you are in the Greater Pittsburgh Area – I have a chance for you to win! To win a swag bag filled with McDonald’s branded items and coupons to try out these new sandwiches, enter below. Good luck!

Here’s what you could win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Just Between Friends: Pittsburgh East

This spring, I am partnering with Just Between Friends Pittsburgh East to bring you information on their seasonal children’s and maternity consignment sale events. All opinions are my own. (Enter disclaimer text)

Pittsburgh – we are incredibly lucky to get another chance to check out the Just Between Friends sale this season. Jed & Kelly Robie, owners of Just Between Friends Pittsburgh, are bringing their seasonal consignment sale to the Monroeville Convention Center next week!

Just Between Friends Pittsburgh East

{The Just Between Friends Pittsburgh East sale will run from Friday, April 21 to Sunday, April 23 with pre-sale opportunities on April 20. Half-price shopping is available on the last day of the sale. Keep reading for your chance at 2 pre-sale passes and $25 to spend any day at the sale!}

Just Between Friends Pittsburgh East

If you’re in need of spring and summer clothing for your children (not just babies!), this is the place to get it. I was at the Greater Pittsburgh sale earlier this month and found great deals on spring outfits and swim suits for the girls – all in like new condition. The sale touts savings of 50-90% off retail for all things needed to have fun in the sun this season.

Shopping is free on Saturday and Sunday or $3 on Friday. You can get all the details about the schedule here.

To get you excited, I found this video from the JBF Pittsburgh East Facebook page:

What to Expect at Just Between Friends Pittsburgh East

While I can’t tell you anything that will definitely be for sale, I can tell you from experience that you can expect:

  • Deals! I bought swim suits for the girls that were “NWT” (new with tags) for $2 late in the day Saturday during the last sale. There are deals to be had all weekend, not just during the half-price sale on Sunday.
  • Toys! Outdoor toys (including sports equipment – don’t I wish I’d have known what size bat Arianna needed at the last sale!), games, and toys for all ages abound.
  • Baby Equipment! If you don’t have hand-me-down equipment from family or friends, this is a great place to get gently used baby gear. The JBF team is committed to making sure consigned equipment is not on recall lists and meets high standards to be on the sale floor.
  • Clothes! Way more clothes than you can imagine, from play clothes to gorgeous first communion dresses to maternity dresses. At the last sale, I saw sizes from preemie to teens (in both boys and girls). Twin parent tip – the clothes are hung by the sellers, so look through the whole size rack if you’re looking for matching clothes. I was able to find four matching outfits by meticulously looking through the 2T’s last time! 

I’m looking forward to this next sale, aren’t you? Enter through April 17 at 11:59 PM to win two pre-sale passes and $25 in JBF Bucks (a gift card to spend any day of the sale)! Good luck, and happy shopping.

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You can find out more about Just Between Friends Pittsburgh East on their website or Facebook.

Questburgh Escape Room

Enter disclaimer text This post, Questburgh Escape Room, is one such post. 

As a blogger, words come easy. But putting words to how much fun we had at Questburgh Escape Room here in Pittsburgh is never going to do our experience justice. When the owner, Gino, first reached out to me about this escape room, I was excited, but I had no idea the level of awesome we were about to encounter.


On day two of our Pittsburgh Staycation, I met up with my brother Jack and took the kids over to the South Side to check out Questburgh. Jack and I had heard of escape rooms before and knew we’d be problem solving, but we had no idea how cool this trend was.

Before getting started, we hung out in the comfortable welcome area while I talked to Gino and Eric (our guide) about escape rooms.


Gino explained that they [escape rooms] got their start in Japan about 10 years ago then became a big thing in Europe about seven years ago. It isn’t uncommon for cities the size of Pittsburgh to have close to a hundred of these rooms – our’s has 13.

In case you’re not familiar with escape rooms, here’s my description. Teams (of 2+, Questburgh recommends 2-6 for their rooms with 2 adults to go along with kids younger than 10) are placed in a locked room. After a series of puzzles that involve logical thinking, searching for keys or clues, and team work, you “escape” to another room to get out of and then another and perhaps another. There is usually a time limit (60 minutes or so) and the possibility to get clues from the guide who is monitoring you via video. If you don’t make it out, your guide comes to the rescue.

With the kids, we did the Pirates room, a quest with a sea-faring theme. While I won’t be giving away the hints to solve the room faster than we did (53 minutes), I’ll tell you that the solutions took physical effort, logical thinking, and trying not to think too hard (some things, like a key on a chain, were obvious and took three of us to discover). There is more than one room, each detailed with pirate-themed decor. Everything was on point!

After we solved all the puzzles and unlocked the final treasure, we couldn’t stop raving about our experience. It would be great for family outings, date nights, or business team building. All four of us played a part in solving the puzzles, there’s no way we could have done it without each of our skills. Jack and I were super proud of Evan and Arianna, how they worked through the problems and helped us escape. We’ll be back – likely to do the Mafia room with Greg and some friends!



A few logistics about Questburgh:

  • Check out their website for more details!
  • Address: 30 S 6th St, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Parking: Street, typically easy to find, better so on the weekends
  • There is a closet for coats and lockers are available for bags (you’ll want all hands on deck!)
  • There are two room options – Pirates (good for kids!) and Mafia (better for adult adventurers)
  • Book online to pre-pay and reserve your spot.


Pittsburgh Mills Sky Trail

Enter disclaimer text This post, Pittsburgh Mills Sky Trail, is one such post.

After just a few days being “cooped up” in the house together, it was clear it was time to get out and enjoy some time away on Tuesday. We opted to go with one of our Pittsburgh Staycation choices, the Pittsburgh Mills Sky Trail. Adventure awaited!

Pittsburgh Mills Sky Trail

Walking into the Pittsburgh Mills Mall’s Food Court entrance, you could see the fear in the Bigs’ eyes as we neared the course. They didn’t know that the Sky Trail was where we were headed, but soon realized this was it.

Arianna has been wanting to do a zip line, so we figured this one would be a great way to “test the waters”. Evan, being a ‘lil younger, has a few things that scare him, and we figured this was an opportunity to let him get over some fears. We quickly learned we were right.

The staff that welcomed us put them both at ease and let Evan know he was tall enough to do the higher course (that stands at 32′ tall!) with Greg’s assistance (I was with the twins, keeping them busy). They quickly (and safely) got harnessed and were on their way to the top, before there was time to think twice.


When they got to the first platform, there was one of my fears – a traffic jam! Luckily, each platform allows for movement of adventurers as they circle around and pick other obstacles. Greg took this as an opportunity to take the kids all the way to the top and see what they’d do. The result? They freaked out a ‘lil and came back down to the first platform.

Evan went off first, pulling himself across a wall obstacle. Arianna went in the other direction, by herself before realizing Greg and Evan were across the way. She surprised me and breathed in deeply then came back to meet them.

Greg telling Evan what to do for the first obstacle
Greg telling Evan what to do for the first obstacle
'lil Man being Brave
‘lil Man being Brave


Proud of her!
Proud of her!

As awesome as he did, Evan is like me and let the course get in his head. He came down and went on the Sky Tykes rope course – something that I learned Ava and Isla could have done! I would have let them, but the course stands 3′ off the ground so chaperones can assist – I was exhausted following Evan let alone adding them to the mix. The balance beam sections lift up so that parents can quickly get to their kids if they slip or need help navigating. Evan was a whiz at this course, but he would like me to say he did fall just once (and caught himself quickly).

Sky Tykes Course

Meanwhile, I look up and Greg and Arianna have zigzagged to the top of the course.


I couldn’t have been prouder…but then I look up and they are zip-lining across the 69′ zip-line above us! After that, Arianna called it a day and let Greg get some adult time in on the course.

For $14 (for the upper course) or $7 for Sky Tykes (for ages 2-7, able to walk and under 48″ tall), this is definitely a worthwhile trip. The staff is helpful and friendly, encouraging adventurers to break away from their fears. You can keep up with the Pittsburgh Mills Sky Trail on their Facebook page or Twitter.

Pittsburgh Mills Sky Trail

Pittsburgh Staycation

Enter disclaimer text This post, Pittsburgh Staycation, is one such post.

Next week, the kids will be off school and I’ll be off work. There’s no vacation planned, but a Pittsburgh Staycation is in the works. So, if you’re like me and procrastinating your Christmas to-do list, read through our ideas of things to do and see in our great city and play your own staycation this year. Bonus? If you still need a gift, these are great options to jot down in a card with a “hey, we’re going next week” message. You’re so welcome.

Pittsburgh Staycation

Pittsburgh Staycation

Pittsburgh Mills SkyTrail – Pittsburgh Mills Mall, Tarentum, PA

With two adventure ropes courses (going as high as 32′) and a 69′ foot zip line, you’re sure to have a fun time with the family. There is even a course for ‘lil ones under 48 inches tall. Hours are 10am – 9pm Monday to Saturday and 11am – 6pm on Sunday (but call ahead for holiday hours). Prices are $7-$14.

Questburgh Escape Room – 30 South 6th Street, Pittsburgh, PA

Definitely on our list is one of Pittsburgh’s newest attractions, an escape room! This one is appropriate for kids as young as five years old and is a great opportunity for families to problem solve their way out of the room. There are puzzles to solve and lost treasures to find. I know I’m ready to flex my logic skills and escape!

Levity Murray Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA

Levity is a great place to experience true relaxation. I got to review them last year and have been so in love ever since. Time in an isolation float tank sounds pretty awesome after the stress of the holidays. Check out their website to schedule your float.

Harlem Globetrotters – PPG Paints Arena, December 26 only

The Harlem Globetrotters World Tour comes to town on December 25. US Family Guide is providing my readers with 25% off tickets with promo code FUNFAM.

Pittsburgh Zoo  – One Wild Place, Pittsburgh, PA

We’ve had annual memberships for years, and I swear the best times to visit the zoo are in the winter months. There are less people and the animals are more likely to be up and moving. Bundle up, pause time, and take in one of our favorites.


As we add to our list of must do’s, I’ll be adding them here. Enjoy our city and share your adventures with us using #LILBURGHERS on social media. Happy traveling! 


The Ultimate Soccer Mom Guide

Today’s post comes from Elizabeth of Try it and You May!, and is part of a special day of shenanigans from other Pittsburgh Bloggers. You can see my post over on Orange Chair Blog, where I give my thoughts from my Orange Chair.

PghGBE Image


Elizabeth’s thoughts are right in line with what’s ahead of me…life as a soccer mom! Arianna and Evan start next week, so I asked for advice. Thanks, Elizabeth!


Being a “soccer mom” used to be considered an insult by many. Thanks to the success of U.S. Women’s National Team, being a Soccer Mom is now the coolest thing around. Sadly, there are some moms out there who are still nervous about assuming their rightful place on the sidelines and on the pitch because they didn’t know the game. I know how those moms feel. I used to be one of them.

I am a Soccer Mom and I love it. Being the Ultimate Soccer Mom isn’t just about cheering from the sidelines, it’s about learning to love the Beautiful Game. I love watching it live and on TV. I love playing it in my backyard with my kids. I love following hottie soccer guys and gals on social media. So if your goal is to be the Ultimate Soccer Mom, here are ten tips to help you get started. With a little soccerifice, you, too, can be an Ultimate Soccer Mom.
1. Dress appropriately. Get yourself some sweet soccer kicks and a fab jersey. I recommend one from the U.S. Women’s National Team, but there are some excellent choices out there.


2. Get some skills. Practice your toe taps, your shakers, your juggling. Learn how to nutmeg (that means kicking the ball between your opponent’s feet). Nutmeg your kids often and shout “Nutmeg!” Do it in flip-flops against your competitive older son for extra points.


3. Learn the offsides rule. This is a tricky one for non-soccer-players (also known as Soccer Muggles). It’s not that hard. The offense can’t pass the ball to a player who is past the last defender. Once you’ve got it, realize it’s never called in little kid’s games but feel free to mention it casually like, “Great game honey, don’t worry, that last goal by the other team was offsides anyway.”


4. Develop a signature celebration. This is an essential part of your training. As you play with your kids and develop your ball handling skills (Have you nutmegged your child today?), you need to be prepared to celebrate when you score a goal. You should not jump up and down and cheer. You could work on a variation of the airplane swoop, or maybe the jazz hands shake, or leap into your teammate’s arms (if they can catch you), or even imitate Ronaldo’s matador-style “leap and shout” move. Make it memorable.


5. Always have money for the snack bar and be prepared for rain. They still play in the rain. This isn’t baseball.


6. Make sure you and your kids know Messi and Wambach, Ronaldo and Lloyd. This sport turns men and women athletes into legends.

7. Be patient while they select the perfect pair of cleats or “boots.”


8. Don’t let your kid be a diver (someone who fakes injuries). Sure, they might get hurt. Your five year old might even get kicked in the face by their mom on Mother’s Day. But hey, they said they wanted to be goalie! And it’s important not to perpetuate those “kick like a girl” stereotypes!!


9. Take them to a Pittsburgh Riverhounds game. Serious family fun and up-close action.


10. Be your soccer playing kid’s biggest fan. Don’t worry about whether they are good or not. Just make sure they are having fun and that you are out there having fun with them.


Bonus Tip #11: Face Paint and Faux-hawks are Ultimate.



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Disclaimer: Posts on this blog may contain reviews or affiliate links. All opinions are 100% my own. Today’s post is sponsored by Nhere.

Nhere. It’s what is near + here! As a small business owner and over sharer and proud community member, I am so excited to tell to about this app.

A few weeks ago, I got to meet the Nhere team at a Grow Strong (Armstrong County Small Business) networking event. After hearing about the app, I was sold. Nhere helps you find out “what’s close by and get an in-depth look at what’s local, whether you’re looking for a restaurant to eat at, a bar to drink at, a museum to visit, or a park to relax in“. With a familiar feel to some of today’s top social media tools, sharing quickly becomes addictive. {Bonus points that the app is a product of Pittsburgh!}

How am I using Nhere?
For now, I’ve focused my use of Nhere around building up info about my local community. As I have events for my business, I will be posting promotions.

There is a “circle” which pulls up a map with photos “near + here”. Most of the Kittanning ones are mine and from the event a few weeks ago, so I am eager to change that with plenty more posts about my town. 😉


With the camera feature, it’s easy to take a photo and tag it geographically so others know where to find the local gem you are sharing. For instance, the Ford Cliff VFD has a GREAT Fish Fry on Fridays in Lent so I shared their flyer as I was heading out (all full of fish, of course).


See how the location is on my post? And others can favorite and/or up/down vote it too!

Speaking of voting, I snapped this photo of my local YMCA’s latest campaign:


I’m excited to watch Nhere grow their business bug even more to see how it helps grow local businesses, too.

You can download Nhere for free on iTunes and Google Play (scroll down if all you see is games!). Promotions for area over a mile have a minimal fee.

You can find out more about Nhere by visiting their website or following them on Twitter @theNhere_app.

More details from their app listing:

*Edit photos with in-app filters
*Search the GPS map for other cities and countries
*edit videos and add music from your device’s library
*follow other users and view their posts on your feed
*Upvote and Downvote posts
*Comment on posts from other users
*Gain Points for every vote, post, and comment
*Post to followers, directly to someone, or anonymously
*Add categories to your post like: food, bars, scenic, shops, entertainment, active, culture or art
*Tag friends and family in your posts
*Promote your post beyond a mile radius for less than a dollar


Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Bolthouse Farms Kids™ and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.


The four ‘lil Burghers are always snacking. Thankfully, I’m trying to show them how to make healthy snack choices when they must eat all the things right this minute. Since it’s back to school season, we’ll also be looking to reinforce healthy snacking habits by packing options that kids will love (like veggies, salsa, low-fat cheese sticks, or fruits). It’s like we are a real, live SnackMob! 😉

We were able to catch the Bolthouse Farms Kids™ Snack Mob truck at the Pittsburgh Zoo last weekend. It was a hot day, so we all welcomed a taste of the Strawberry Meets Banana smoothie. This snack quickly made its way to our grocery list because it was refreshing, healthy, and tasty.

Arianna and Evan couldn’t wait to get to open these! If you’re wondering, they are a twist cap but still easy enough for them to open.

And the truck? It was awesome to see the truck in action after hearing about it. We LOVE food trucks, especially ones that hand out treats and coupons! (Psss…you can snag a coupon good August 1 – December 31, 2015 here if you can’t make want to give these a try.)



If you have yet to catch the Bolthouse Farms Kids™ Snack Mob trucks in the Pittsburgh area, you still have time before back to school. They will be at the Junior Great Race on September 19 (8 AM at Point State Park) in addition to several other weekend events up until then. You can find more here: You even have a chance to have the SnackMob truck crash your own party. Tweet the date and type of event you’re hosting to @BolthouseFarms with #SnackMob and #Contest in your tweet. Must be 18 years old to enter / have 100 people minimum at your event. Contest ends September 10, 2015 at 11:59 PM (see



Bolthouse Farms Kids™ is making it easy for kids to go back to school in a healthy way with their refrigerated line of real fruit and veggie snacks. We’ll be integrating grab-and-go choices like Chili Meets Lime Veggie Snackers (carrots) or Peach Meets Mango Smoothies in Arianna’s school lunch while Evan might chose a Blueberry Meets Raspberry Fruit Tube for an after school treat. With 25 to 90 calories // real ingredients // on-the-go packaging, we can’t go wrong. (You can read more about these treats on my first post about them here or at

Bolthouse Farms Kids