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A Zoo Day

Today was a Zoo day for us. The trip was planned basically last-minute to get a picture for a #tbt, honestly. But the kids really proved themselves out yesterday and this morning, so they more than earned this “surprise”.

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July Pittsburgh Zoo Members’ Night

IMG_0110 (Copy)

Our cousins came to town just in time to enjoy some summer fun with us. One of the things we did was take D to the Pittsburgh Zoo Members Night on July 31. We always love our time at the Zoo, and Members’ Night is always an added bonus.

I’ll admit it, I was tired from BlogHer (can’t you just see it in my face?) and had already gotten a lot of steps for the day. For the first time in my 30 years, I voted for a ride on the tram. (Of course, we passed Arianna’s preschool teacher as the tram took us to the Elephant house stop.) keep reading

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Members’ Night

Last night was the Pittsburgh Zoo Members’ Night. Being a busy mom, I still haven’t shared the Members’ Night photos from last month (but need to–we got some great moments captured with the kids and Day-Day).

This time around, we opted to leave the camera at home and just enjoy. Of course, that’d be the time when Arianna decided to go up to non-creepy characters and cheese. And at the same time, I would be bumped by 5,000 other families trying to leave the zoo at the same time, thus a quick second to take a blurry photo with my phone. Either way, here’s the moment: keep reading

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Jump, Please!

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Closing Time

IMG_7581 (Copy)

Sometimes it pays to stay ’til closing time at the Zoo. We had some great close encounters with the giraffe, elephants, and tigers on our last visit.

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Roses Really Smell Like

On Sunday, we had a beautiful day in Pittsburgh. I did my run and then convinced Greg to get out of bed and we take the kids to the zoo. We went with about 5,000 of our closest friends, it seemed.

Our favorite exhibits, the elephants and the rainforest caused some interesting conversations for (a potty-training) Evan. keep reading

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Boy Cousins


…at the zoo. I think I caught the one second these three actually stood still.

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Her First Field Trip

Wednesday, A took her first field trip with her preschool class, a trip to the zoo.

I can’t believe how fast time has flown…there’s just one day left and she’ll be on her first summer break.

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Wordless Wednesday: Follow the Leaf

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