A Parade of His Own

While we marched with my employer to celebrate Pittsburgh Pride, Evan marched to a parade of his own. At one point he left about 20 feet between the back of our crew and the start of the color guard behind us. Marching and waving at the crowds, Evan really thought the whole city came out to a parade just for him.

Just call him Ferris Bueller. 

Pride Parade


At some points, he let us carry him.





But mostly, he really enjoyed the cheers.




Although seeing the crowd from atop his dad’s shoulders was pretty fun.


And then, he was so mad when it rained on his parade:




You can check out more of our photos from Pride on Flickr.

Pride Moments from Arianna

On Sunday, Greg, Nurin, Ash, and I took the kids to march in the Pittsburgh Pride Parade and to enjoy Pride Fest. We were howling at these Pride Moments from Arianna and believe you’ll appreciate them a ‘lil bit, too.

On the ride downtown, Arianna was singing (in an incredibly creepy voice) “The Wheels on the Bus”. When I asked who was singing, she said, “It’s my banana singing”.


While enjoying the end of the parade, she asked a great question, “Where’s K_____ B____? [our friend from Myrtle]” (Who really should come visit!)


And we had to agree with her, “This is such a great party”.



Add these to her amazing photo with the ScareHouse Bunny, and you’ve got a bundle of amazing Pride moments from Arianna.