A Mama Moment: Detox Bath

Moms. Women. You need  to do this for yourself. Don’t just pin it, like I did. Do it. Give yourself a detox bath. (Enter disclaimer text)

detox bath

A few years ago, I had my first spa experience which included an aromatherapy shower, massage, and wrap. The experience was amazing, expensive, and quite the treat. When we went to Vegas, I had a similar experience, but that’s really the last time I treated myself to a nice bath. Being a busy lady is hard work, yinz.

So, I pinned a detox bath “recipe” and set it aside. After a week of dealing with a stomach virus and a husband with the same, I figured it would be the perfect time to take one this weekend. But, life happened and we ate late yesterday, so there was no way I was stepping right into a hot bath. Plus, I needed to grocery shop.

STOP what you’re doing  and grab the ingredients now. I made it convenient and linked the ingredients, order them and don’t get stressed about the grocery store. Pamper yourself a little more and let them be delivered. (And if you are not an Amazon Prime Member with free shipping, how about we change that and get you signed up with a FREE 30-day trial: Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.)

Detox Bath


3 handfuls of Epsom Salts
1/2 a box of baking soda
2 bags of ginger tea (mine was Yogi Ginger Tea)
1 cupful of Dr. Hauschka’s Lavender Bath

I simply poured the salt and baking soda into a very, very hot bath, tossed in the tea bags, and added the Lavender Bath when the water was done. Some lit candles, and it was time for 40 minutes of alone time. During this time, I put on a very relaxing meditation/yoga playlist (that I found on Amazon for free) and tried to read (check out the top books of the month here if you’re not sure what to go for). Oh, and I lit candles and found my “ocean breaths”–that water was HOT!

detox bath

Notice, I said I tried to read. I read two chapters of my book and was sweating so hard I couldn’t concentrate on anything else. After 40 minutes, I rinsed off, applied an in-shower lotion and headed to my room to continue the detox in my nice, warm pajamas.

Seriously, do this for yourself. The water is disgusting afterwards, but don’t look at it. Keep the lights off and drain the water. It will all work out. This bath is said to pull the germs, grossness, and toxins out of your body. I may be 30 minutes out it, but I am sold. And I’ve chugged down two bottles of water and need more. What a good feeling.

By the way, that Lavender Bath was a staple around here. I discovered it at the end of a hot yoga session at Inlet Yoga (in Murrells Inlet, SC) and promptly bought some from their esthetician at Elements Day Space back in 2013. We used it for headaches and sleepless nights–a ‘lil bit goes a LONG way. It has since been replaced with Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Moor Lavender Calming Bath Essence, 3.4 oz. I haven’t tried this new version, but it sounds just as amazing!

Enter disclaimer text

If this sounded like too much work for a relaxing bath, there are a few packaged up detox baths that could work the same way. I’ve yet to try them, but these are some I’ve found on Amazon and all under $20: seaweed detox bath, foaming bath, or SF Salt soak. Which type of soak works best for you?