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Friday Favorites: Speck Phone Case

Speck Phone Case

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a Friday Favorite, so this week you get a post dedicated to one thing that’s had me swooning lately – my newest Speck Phone Case!

We’ve talked about my love for Speck Phone Cases in the past, but I don’t think any of them compare to the one I recently received. Just as the Pittsburgh Penguins were starting their Stanley Cup Playoff Series, I got my “black and yellow” bling phone case from Speck. (Ok, the real name is CandyShell Clear with Glitter in Onyx/Gold, but humor me?) keep reading

Saved by the Phone

 This post is sponsored by Speck Products.

Are you like us and live without an alarm clock? A land line? If so, you probably know the feeling I had this morning when I forgot to plug in my phone before bed. As I rolled over to tame the beeping beside me, I realized my alarm was going off literally seconds before my phone battery was dead. At 1%, I was somehow saved by my phone. keep reading

Gift Idea: Speck Galaxy S5 Phone Case

 This post is sponsored by Speck Products. 

It’s no secret that I take my phone with me everywhere. Truthfully, 92% of the time, it’s to help tame my anxiety that something and everything all at once is going to go wrong and the other 8% of the time is to curb my boredom / need to always be doing something. Because of that, I’ve found that I need a case that is going to keep my precious phone safe. keep reading