Kansas Trip 2012

We flew into Kansas City with no problems or delays.

We met Pop Pop and Grandma right as we got off the plane.

We quickly got our rental car and drove down to Lee’s Summit, meeting and enjoying family.

We got right into our hotel room learned about customer service, clean hotel rooms, high expectations, and had a good night’s sleep.

We had a yummy Waffle House breakfast, all 6 of us snuggled in a booth, enjoying eggs and all too many (yummy) greasy hashbrowns.

We drove four hours to Great Bend, seeing windmills and plains.

And all the sudden, we were there with Aunt C and Uncle By…and their dog, chickens, minis, horse, and alpacas. All the patience wore off, but it still wasn’t time.

Patience, ‘lil Man, is a virtue.