Favorite Things

Favorite Things

A new tradition (started in October) for our Girl’s Week trips is to celebrate our Favorite Things. Our January trip’s event brought me to tears, it was so good. Everyone was thoughtful with what they brought, and everything seemed to work out just perfectly.

For instance, I got pink polka dot socks and Missy got star socks. I got pink Sharpies and a jewel that was shaped like a foot.

Celebrating favorite things with some of my favorite people (even some I just met!) is a true blessing. Everyone should have a “Favorite Things” party some time in your life.

Here’s what you need:

Friends and/or Family to share favorite items with

A spend limit (sure, we all love diamonds and fancy cars, but we’re not about to buy those things for everyone at the party)

Your Favorite Thing – bring one for everyone at the party and be prepared to talk about why it’s your favorite thing

That’s it. So easy and fun. Share, be prepared to laugh, be prepared to cry. I did, and I am not ashamed to admit it.

This time around, I gave everyone 100 calorie chocolate covered pretzels (because I love my healthy lifestyle but still NEED chocolate and salty in my life) and hand sanitizers that clip to a purse (Greg was just fighting pnumonia, so I love to fight germs AND I sell purses and totes that I LOVE). I got…

Favorite Things 2014

 Bath/body goodies – homemade!, homemade chocolate chip cookies/a friendship recipe (tears galore), a Resting Place decal, Sharpies, socks, a prayer box (with an owl!), homemade note pad, spoon with an AMAZING chocolate fudge recipe, pendant. Thank you, ladies, for being such a precious part of my life.

If you had a Favorite Things Party, what would you bring? 


The past few weeks, Greg has been cooking up an amazing surprise for my 30th and my Mom’s 60th birthdays. Let me just tell you, he did amazing. A group of my family and friends was able to join us at Paint Monkey to paint a premiere summery/beach painting inspired by Greg’s ideas and things I love. My heart was full. My belly was full of delicious cake from Megan of Dozen Bakeshop (Red Velvet–and even black fondant–she is AWESOME). It was a great time (and you can see more of the photos here or on Paint Monkey’s Facebook!).

IMG_7716 (Copy)

IMG_7741 (Copy)

IMG_7730 (Copy)
(How AWESOME is Jack’s custom work?)

IMG_7738 (Copy)

IMG_7705 (Copy)

IMG_7720 (Copy)

(PS, Happy Birthday, Mom!!!)

Celebration of #SisterSupplies

Remember how The Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project was collecting supplies for Women’s History Month and I posted a challenge to gather some supplies? Well, I have to admit, I was slightly disappointed that Mr. Burgher was the only one to pull in supplies in my effort to fill up the car, but I was super excited that he gathered up 250 supplies (filling 5 tote bags) for us to take to the end of the month celebration at our favorite restaurant, Las Velas.

But, those totes added to others who took on the challenge, and celebrate we did! There were cookies, totes, authentic Mexican dishes, raffles, and of course, Sister Supplies! The kids were a fun time, ‘lil Man dancing from the moment we stepped in the door (and only stopping when he was eating some chips and salsa) and A drawing the raffle tickets. Both highly enjoyed Burgh Baby’s (not) Eat n’ Park Cookies, each eating at least 3, then screaming in laughter all the way home.

All in all, it was a successful evening for The Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project and On the Spot, as well as a fun time for our family. It’s one of the ways we “minister” to our community, our “Unless”.