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So Much Trouble

Two kids. Two dogs. A 2-story house. One stay at home dad. Even if you can’t do math, you know this equals trouble.

Just recently, ‘lil Man has learned to go down the steps. He’s been going up for months, but hadn’t had the desire to climb down. Life has completely changed. keep reading

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The Effectiveness of Time Out

For what seems to be like the 100th night in a row (but in reality is only night four), ‘lil Miss A has been getting herself into some trouble. One night it is pretending to hit ‘lil Man. Another it is running away from her dinner and letting Rowdy get to it. Another is just flat out not listening (then back talking). keep reading

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Why it Works for Us

Mr. Burgher is an incredible Stay at Home Dad, and we are so lucky for that. Take today for example. Work has been a marathon for me, and working on photos, the blog, and ‘lil Miss A’s school folder have really taken a back burner. It was a book fair day, but I figured I’d just order her some books via the book fair’s website; however, the school called Mr. Burgher and asked him if he wanted to run money up to the school. He was able to turn right around and take some cash to her. He then executed getting brakes on the truck and healing his not feeling so well self. What a day. keep reading

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Parenting is Tough Stuff

Sometimes parenting is tough stuff.

There’s achy bellies you can’t cure, or sleepless nights followed by endless days. Teething and milestones tire babe and parent. First birthday parties planned to perfection and 1000s of photos capturing every face from ZOMG MY WORLD WILL END UNLESS YOU FEED/CHANGE/HOLD ME to ooooo mama me love youuuu. keep reading

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