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A Trip to the Dentist

() Today was a trip to the dentist for five of the six of us. This will probably never happen again until the kids are older, but we survived and of course there are stories to tell.

Evan went first with his pearly whites and (no surprise) no issues. He was behaved and did well in the chair – at least we assume because he went back by himself. There was a small meltdown about an hour into the visit when he saw the toy that Arianna came out with to which he proclaimed his toy was for babies. Alas. keep reading

Playdate Tips For the Introverted Parent

Last week, I got the chance to take the twins to the mall for a mani/pedi and lunch. As I enjoyed my time out of the house with my friend, we noticed moms at the playground either having an official or unofficial playdate with their non-school aged kids. It got me thinking that being on a weekday playdate is probably something that I really can’t do, for a number of reasons. Besides the fact that I am a working mom, my brain hears playdate then introverted parent emerges. keep reading

Why We’re Attending the Pittsburgh Parenting Expo

Pittsburgh Parenting Expo
Source: Parenting Expo

This content has been compensated as part of a promotion for the Pittsburgh Parenting Expo.  However, all opinions remain my own. #parentingexpo

This coming weekend (Saturday and Sunday March 8-9), Greg and I will be heading to the Monroeville Convention Center for the Pittsburgh Parenting Expo. No, it’s not because there are going to be plenty of fun to be had, coupons passed out, samples, and even a 55″ TV given away to three people (shh, Greg doesn’t know that yet, and he’s signed up anyways). The fact that the Saturday workshops don’t start until late morning aren’t a bad deal, either. The real reason? It’s because we’re excited to hear about how to be a better parenting team. keep reading

“Love and Respect in the Family”

Love and Respect in the Family
Source: http://loveandrespect.com/family-book/

Disclaimer: I was provided with a book to review and one to give away in exchange for this review. All opinions, however, are 100% my own.

When I was asked to review “Love and Respect in the Family” by Dr. Emerson Eggrichs, I was overly excited. Something has been eating at me for months. I’ll go right out and say it, because you all are my safety net: I don’t feel like I am a great mom. I feel like a fraud. Reading the pitch for this book, I knew I had to take up the offer and learn some tips. keep reading

Preparing for Baby

Disclaimer: This post contains a review and giveaway. I was provided with products free of charge for the purposes of this review. All opinions, however, are 100% my own.

Before I became a mom, I’ll be honest, I didn’t really take (okay, have) the time to prepare my body for carrying a child. I didn’t think of things like reading up on healthy conception. To be honest, I was not in a relationship (or place in life)  in which having a child was ideal. Fast forward a few years when Greg and I were ready to have a baby. We didn’t do anything to keep us from getting pregnant, and just figured it would happen when the time was right. Again, we didn’t prepare, and were blessed with finding out we were expecting Evan a month after we moved into our new home. (Stress reduction for the win.) keep reading

No Denying It

Arianna took 0.8 seconds to answer the question Greg and I were trying to.

Where can I go pee, Mama? Greg and I were playing parenting volleyball over the question.

If we let her go back in the house, we would have to dry off and go with her since her swimsuit is complex for a young girl. If we let her go in the pool, a bad habit would form. keep reading

Parenthood Rollercoaster

As parents, we are constantly at the amusement park riding a roller coaster. We have our up days and our down days. There are thrills, and there are chills. This is all part of parenthood.

Evan has been working on the whole potty training thing for months now (remember last week when I mentioned regression?). Today he had an accident in his pants and while waiting for Greg to get clean ones, he started the rest of his business “like an animal on the floor”. keep reading

Failure (a Bad Morning)

This was a bad morning in the world of the ladies of ‘lil Burghers. It got real and fast. I go back and forth about sharing, but I need people to understand that being a mom, being a parent, is not always easy or pretty.

You see, Greg and I have a man cold. I’m calling it man cold because I have never felt this way before and am a miserable person. Yet, because I am a woman, a working mom, I shower, dry my hair so it looks half decent (okay, it looked pretty darn good for me today), and pull on my big girl panties and go to work. Greg’s “lucky”, ha. Not really. He has to deal with being all out sick and having to play 2,000 questions all day and keep ‘lil Man from biting his big sister’s back (true story, happened on Monday night and I have no idea how one ‘lil mouth gets on someone’s flat back…but I am straying off course here). keep reading

Poking Eyeballs


Upon coming home from work and a “poke my eyeballs out now” experience at the local library, I really just needed a minute. The small child above decided she would do me a favor and try to poke my eyeballs out for me.

The last thing I wanted was that to legit happen, so I tweeted my frustration and told her to please (for the love) go play in the toy room. She insisted on poking my eyeballs, so I got up from the couch and parented. keep reading