Paint Monkeys

Back in June, my cousin J celebrated her birthday and I wanted to find something unique to get her. Thanks to a Living Social deal, I found out that Pittsburgh has a paint studio where even beginning painters can make masterpieces. Our friend and her mom did one of these classes and it looked like a lot of fun, so I decided we’d give it a try.

Since we’re both busy moms who work full time (+), spend time with our kids, and volunteer (lots) for the kids’ school, scheduling was a nightmare and next thing we knew, we had 2 weeks left to redeem. Our husbands were awesome enough to take the kid duties for an evening in a busy week (they didn’t owe us after mancation or anything) and let us go paint “Ornaments” at Paint Monkey.

The studio is absolutely gorgeous. If you’re into it, the classes are also BYOB. They provide everything you need to make a beautiful painting, the best part being the outlined canvas! We both lost time and got a chance to relax, talk, and laugh. The playlist was great. It felt so nice to take a break and enjoy time with my cousin (who is also a co-worker) and enjoy ourselves. I don’t think we’ve really gotten a chance to do that since our scrapbook trip back in January.

Paint Monkey

We both loved it so much that I was already planning an outing for my 30th birthday (ladies, get ready!) and Jess was calculating gift card totals for Christmas gifts. In fact, before we even started to paint, I was googling to see if Wine and Design in Myrtle Beach had posted their January calendar yet so we could go on our upcoming trip (it’s not up there yet, but I am stalking the site).

Pittsburgh, you are so much fun. Thanks to the folks over at Paint Monkey for teaming up with Living Social to make this fun evening possible.