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If you ever find yourself in the (beautiful) state of South Carolina, make sure you hit up the state parks. Specifically, we have a love for Huntington Beach. There’s a “castle” to tour, but even more fun than that is the array of wildlife you are sure to see.

During our last visit, curiosity got us a visit full of memories–alligators, birds, and a live starfish. Take a walk off the beaten path of touristy attractions and explore. You never know what you might find.

Why Stop?


I could write a story about kids who beg for celery and don’t eat it.

I could tell you about how I felt after jogging a mile for the first time in four weeks.

I could share photos of our anniversary trip.

I could tell you about the dog that likes to steal hot dogs from lil man then gets sick.

I could tell you about how awesome our garden is growing.

Instead, I think I’ll enjoy my view from here while my swimsuit dries, the kids play in the sand, the dogs bark at the neighbor pups, and Greg waters the strawberries. Good day, full of blessings.