Madama Butterfly: A Must See!

I am somewhat ashamed to admit that (up until Tuesday night) I have never seen an opera. That all changed when my friend Tiffany won a pair of tickets to the Pittsburgh Opera’s showing of “Madama Butterfly” and asked me to join her.
I was excited and nervous, but so glad I accepted. For a first-time at the opera, this was a great one to catch. It’s quite possible I am now addicted, and “cannot wait to retire” and have lots of time and money to spend on the opera. Truth.
You probably know the story, even if it doesn’t sound familiar to you. American Naval Officer (B.F. Pinkerton) marries ex-geisha “Butterfly” and sets her up with a lovely home in Japan. He returns to the United States for three years, and Butterfly soon learns that love and trust don’t always conquer all.
The cast performed the Italian beautifully (although my brain had a hard time with two things–reading the subtitles while watching the opera and getting over the fact that the Japanese and American characters were singing in Italian). At our showing, the character of Pinkerton was played by a backup as the main actor was sick (and what a beautiful step-in!). Also, the son of the Pinkerton’s was absolutely adorable (someone please tell me how to get my ‘lil man to stay still for as long as he did).
Of course, the orchestra provided GORGEOUS live music. Tiffany and I had a rare opportunity before us during Acts 2 and 3. The General Director (Christopher Hahn) sat right in front of us, so I got to watch not only the characters’ emotions but his–it was absolutely a work of love.
If you have time, you can still catch a showing of the opera on Friday at 8:00 PM or Sunday at 2:00 PM. I highly recommend it. Bring tissues.
(I wasn’t asked to write this review, and neither was Tiffany, but we just LOVED it so much we couldn’t help but share.)