A New Phase in A’s Life

She’s got something crazy important to tell you, and Mama is tired being the only one telling stories here:

On Thursday night, A announced that she did NOT want to put on a Pull Up for nighttime. She’s been potty trained during the day for somewhere around a year, but we’d been struggling with how to handle the night training. My mom told me just to wait until she was ready, and this CLEARLY was her moment.

Friday morning, she woke up dry as a bone, so Mr. Burgher handled getting her a big time potty prize, Baby Princess Tiana. She is absolutely in love with her, and very proud to share about her surprise. Friday and Saturday night, same thing. She was ready, and she didn’t want to upset Tiana if she went to bed with a Pull-Up. It’s such a relief to have such a motivated ‘lil one (who’s a “big kid now”!).

Night Time Changes

A change to ‘lil Miss A’s night time has to come soon. She’s been interested in potty training since she was 20 months old, and relatively quickly picked it up. What we just can’t get down, however, is the night time training.

Part of this is for obvious reasons. Her room is at the top of the stairs, so we don’t keep her door open at night. She still relies on pull ups for nighttime use instead of escaping her room. The other part is flat out sleep habits. She sleeps well into the night, and through anything. I can’t really see her waking up and getting to the bathroom (which conveniently for her, is next to her room).

So, what do we do? What works for night time training? Help!