Welcome to Our New Space!

Welcome to the new home of ‘lil Burghers! Visually, not much has changed except where you’ll surf to find us. Hope you enjoy the move as much as we do.

Here’s the “We’ve Moved” message from our previous site:

lil Burghers

It’s finally time for our ‘lil blog to grow up and have it’s own special place on the web! Thanks to our awesome web butler, ‘lil Burghers is moving to lilburghers.com, effective immediately! If you are following us through Twitter or Facebook, nothing will be changing for you. If you follow us on Google Reader, head over to our new home and add us to your subscription list. Thanks for the follows, comments, and love!

(While you’re at it, go ahead and follow our web butler/friend Jon–he’s blogging about life and technology over at L337Inc and about his twin girls over at Marlowe Twins! Thanks for all your help!)