Smooches Dog Treats

Disclaimer: For this post, I was sent product in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% my own.

On Christmas morning, Shadow and Rowdy were giddy to open their stocking. Inside, they each had a new dog leash and a box of treats. They’d been sniffing up the stocking all night, but I made them be patient as if they were kids. The box of treats was a healthy snack, Smooches.

Smooches Dog Treats
Chicken & Cranberry Smooches

From The Honest KitchenSmooches are a treat that I feel good about giving my dogs. At 2.3 calories each, the treats are filled with ingredients that are good for them – barley flour, chicken, molasses, egg – and things we humans technically could eat. So that means I’m not filling my pups with things I can’t pronounce or consume myself. Yum (for them)!

The treats we got to try out were the Smooches Chicken and Cranberry Recipe – perfect for a holiday “dinner” dessert. All of the treats in this line are not only 100% natural, but they are also handmade. How gorgeous are these ‘lil hearts?

Smooches Dog Treats

Rowdy and Shadow didn’t so much care about the fact they were cute. Arianna could barely keep them in her hand before “Poof!”, they were gone. The dogs give these treats two paws up!

Smooches Dog Treats


Since I obviously am not going to try the treats myself,  I have to take the fact that they kept sniffing the box out and begging for more as a good sign. As their owner, I love that they:

  • Are 100% natural
  • Don’t leave an “oil” or smell on your hands at handling
  • Are made with love (each treat is handmade)
  • Can be shipped to my house

The treats are $7.83 for an 8 ounce box and $12.73 for a 16 ounce box over at There are other flavors in line such as duck & cherry, buffalo & blueberry, and catfish. Smooches to you and your pup!

Did your pups get anything exciting for the holidays?