Hot Designs Nail Art Pens

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In June, Arianna joined me for a girls’ day out which included pedicures. The girl is obsessed, but our piggy bank simply cannot support the obsession. When I found out about Get Hot Looks’ Hot Designs Nail Art Pens, I was certain this was going to cure the issue…and (hallelujah), I was right.

Hot Designs Nail Art Pens

The kit we received had 3 pens, each with 2 colors, a design tip, and a paint brush (for full color application). The colors were basic – black, white, blue, red, green, and pink – however, the possibilities were endless when it came to what we could do with them. Because I am a visual artist, I followed the picture instructions that came with the pens and gave myself two designs. I worked quickly because Arianna was about to wake up and I knew I’d be discovered and her demand a design herself. Practice (and patience) with these pens makes perfect. 

My first two are not something to hang in a museum (or to enter in the Got Hot Looks’ Summer Giveaway contest to win a $250 Target Giftcard), but they worked for me!

Before starting to design on Arianna’s nails, I decided to test taking off the polish. It was thicker than the polish I am used to (the base is just one coat!), so I wanted to see how hard it was going to be to take off if I messed up. The polish got a little gummy, but was otherwise just like taking off any other polish.

Next up, it was Mommy & Me time with Arianna. Her pedicure is well worn, but she loves it (and will ’til the very end), so we focused on her fingers. She wanted a ladybug, a disco ball, some dots, and her initials. I believe that I delivered! Her hands are still very tiny, so instead, head over to my Instagram and check out this video that I took while using the pens. 🙂

We were impressed, and cannot wait to try out some more designs. The Hot Designs Nail Art Pens are definitely going to become part of our beauty regimen, and we’d love to hear that you’ve given them a try, too! You can find out more about these pens at  / Facebook / Twitter  / pick up your own (suggested retail value is $14.95). OR, you can take a chance to get a set for yourself for FREE right here on the blog. What do you say? Ready to Create hot, fun and unique designs on your nails right at home? Let’s go.

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A little side note about shipping…The pens arrived on my doorstep on a hot day – the delivery driver had no idea that there was a fragile substance inside, so they got a little warm on the porch. I was VERY glad this didn’t hinder our fun or make the paint in the pens act any differently than expected. 

imPRESS Revolution Broadway Nails

I was sent some hot pink imPress Revolution Broadway Nails from Influenster and asked to test and review them. This post is about my experience and the feedback I’ve received so far. All opinions are mine (or my friends’). 

Last night, I took about 10 minutes and applied (hands down) the best at home nail application ever. There were no chemicals, there was no glue. Just me, 24 nails to choose from,  and my time.

When I opened the bottle (yes, they come in a cute bottle), I was a bit relieved that I put this post off for a week. My initial plan was to apply last Monday for Memorial Day, but we were doing yard work and I forgot. You see, these are literally false nails, and I thought they were a press-on paint and wouldn’t give me length. Oops.

I had to find which nails fit my nails, this was the hardest part. They are not labeled or ordered in any way (as they sit in the bottle), so I struggled here a bit. But, it only took about 5 minutes to pick them out, wipe my nails with the cleansing wipe (enclosed), and get started.

If you go out to, you can access a YouTube video on how to apply imPRESS Revolution Broadway Nails.  Perhaps I should have done this–I wasn’t convinced I was doing the right thing when applying based on the bottle directions, but I figured it out. You simply line up your nails, peel a ‘lil bit off the back, and press. Thumbnails last, and you’ll be fine.

imPRESS Revolution Broadway Nails

After applying, I recalled seeing tweets from others in the Influenster program suggesting you use a ‘lil bit of super glue or file your nail a bit to give it traction before applying. I did not follow those tips and opted to go with the nails as they were meant to be applied. Honestly, I showered just after and was a bit afraid. Glad to report, they’ve stood up to almost 24 hours and are supposed to last 7 days. ::fingers crossed::

While I don’t agree with the marketing that they “look salon perfect” or “rival the best gel polish”, I do like them. The length is just right for me, and I frankly heart the hot pink. (There are 36 patterns and colors to choose from.)

Opinions gathered today? Arianna and Evan love the hot pink. Greg is indifferent, he’s never really big on me having my nails done, but he doesn’t mind them. Typing hasn’t been impossible, and they don’t feel tight. I served about 150 people lunch today at a work cookout and I got 3 compliments on them (people thought they were “real”, but nope…also, 5 people commented on my forearm tattoo, so there’s that). They stood up to the day…although I did take the spares in case any popped off. Usually with fake nails (non acrylic or gel), this happens. Not yet!

Verdict? A great option to have a nice mani without the salon and pricing (under $10). I won’t wear if we are doing yard work, scared I would pop one off.

If you’re interested in imPRESS Revolution Broadway Nails, know they do come with my recommendation to try. Also–you can get a $1 coupon on their site (current as of 6/3) or follow them on Twitter (@bwaynails) or Like on Facebook to get deals.