NaBloPoMo July 9: Tell Me About Your “Baby”

BlogHer July NaBloPoMo July NaBloPoMo

This post is brought to you by the NaBloPoMo July prompts from BlogHer. This month, I am writing about connections. 

Today’s Prompt: Tell us about the first entry on your blog.

What an appropriate prompt for today. Earlier, I had the pleasure to meet up with other Pittsburgh (Mom) Bloggers. We were supposed to share something unique about our “baby”, our blog and now I can share with you! It gives me a chance to connect with some of the attendees more as I share about my first blog post, “Time to Start Fresh”, and where ‘lil Burghers has grown from there.

Note: ‘lil Burghers is not my first blog, I’ve actually been blogging since 2004 or 2005 about life, politics, books, and my pregnancy with Arianna, but ‘lil Burghers was my attempt to get memories down once I realized having two babies at two and under was going to be tough. I’ve been most faithful to this blog and will celebrate my third “blogoversary” next week!

That first post was so brief and probably in between trips to the bathroom to puke or pee. (I was so sick while pregnant with both kids, so the bathroom and bed were my best friends.) It was days before my next post, and like I shared with the new bloggers I met today, my current goal is to blog once a day (at least).
A gem from the post:

So this blog, ‘lil Burghers, will be dedicated to my life as a working mom trying to balance everything (of course including my Facebook Frontierville!) and go to bed feeling sane.

I think, for the most part, I’ve stayed true to that promise to myself and my readers. Balance, while not perfect, is here. Frontierville bit the dust for me about 3.2 days after that post and has been replaced with Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. And while I don’t always go to bed, I do feel pretty sane (just don’t ask Greg for his opinion on that second part).

Along the way, I’ve added many blogging friends, followers, and knowledge. Jen of Life With Levi has been gracious enough to mentor me in blogging/PR partnerships (and has let me write some pretty fun posts). In just about two weeks, I’ll be at BlogHer, learning more and building more relationships.


While the plates I have spinning aren’t the same as they were in July 2010, there is still a balancing act going on. My ‘lil Burghers aren’t as ‘lil, but they are still giving me plenty of blog fodder. I’d say my “baby” is growing up pretty nicely!

Have a blog that my readers and I should be following? Share in the comments.

Internet Meeting

BlogHer July NaBloPoMo July NaBloPoMo

This post is brought to you by the NaBloPoMo July prompts from BlogHer. This month, I am writing about connections. 

Today’s Prompt: Who was the first person you met over the Internet?

This prompt is pretty tough because I honestly can’t remember the  person I met over the Internet. Is that sad? Are you that person? And if so, feel free to slap me across the head and say, “hey, that’s me!”. Since getting on the Internet, I’ve met a number of great people, but no one sticks out as my “first”.

Happy Monday.

Connecting In Real Life

BlogHer July NaBloPoMo July NaBloPoMo

This post is brought to you by the NaBloPoMo July prompts from BlogHer. This month, I am writing about connections. 

Today’s Prompt: Do you think you still spend the same amount of time connecting in the face-to-face world now that socializing is so easy online?

Absolutely. I love being with people. I am not an introvert, but I am a quiet extrovert. I’d much rather be out and having fun than to be alone. So, it’s an easy answer for me, I still spend the same amount of time connecting face-to-face.

It’s honestly funny that this is tonight’s prompt because my introverted husband just shared this buzzfeed with me, one he connected with on lots of levels. I just shook my head. Opposites do attract, you know.

IMG_7668 (Copy)
Me socializing for my birthday

Where I Connect

BlogHer July NaBloPoMo July NaBloPoMo

This post is brought to you by the NaBloPoMo July prompts from BlogHer. This month, I am writing about connections. 

Today’s Prompt: Where is your favorite place to connect with friends?

I have a sacred place, do you? My sacred place has always been Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. And before any of you Myrtle Manor haters start laughing at me, just listen. (Because I’ll get to where my favorite place is to connect with friends, and it’s related.)

Myrtle Beach is the place where:

  • My best friend Wendy went for her Make-A-Wish trip, a place she and I always talked about visiting…and then I couldn’t go because I was in the musical that was opening at  the same time as that trip.
  • My grandparents lived for 20 years, moving there right after I was born.
  • My mom taught me about family fights and how we really do love each other even if we don’t see eye to eye. I’ll always remember the time that we were in town (without my dad, he was working)  for about a day and then had to leave almost immediately–mom drove all night back to PA, alone and with two kids with sunburns all because she was standing up for something she believes in (GO MOM). Or the time that Dad drove us up and down 17, all the way to North Carolina and down to Litchfield, not one of us talking until one of us (probably Mom) broke and we all cried and apologized…way to be teenagers. Or the time we walked Huntington Beach up and down, again because Jack and I were being bratty teens. Mom’s strength and love for my Dad and our family always showed.
  • My first adult jobs were–Call Center Training Manager, Interior Design Assistant, and Teacher.
  • My finger was broken, my body and brain scarred by someone I thought I was in love with, lessons were learned.
  • My daughter was born, healing my shattered, broken heart.
  • My husband and I met and fell in love.
  • My in-laws live, where they raised the love of my life.
  • My friends and I retreat every year, bringing our busy lives back to moments of sanity.

Now that you’ve let me pour my heart out, it’s time to talk about the place where go to connect, a beach house south of Myrtle in North Litchfield, The Resting Place.

IMG_6320 (Copy)

Come, have a sip of your favorite coffee and see why I love it, and why my friends and I come here year after year to connect with each other, with ourselves, and with the ocean.

IMG_6369 (Copy) IMG_6372 (Copy)


Some of us come to scrapbook or paper craft. I come to take over a closet and set lofty goals for myself. I have to drive because I bring so much stuff, and I bring most of it back (because I spend most of my budget while there on supplies from A.C. Moore and boutique scrap shops).

IMG_6241 (Copy) IMG_6242 (Copy)


There’s amazing food, and we all pitch in. A bottle or two of wine just might be enjoyed, too.

IMG_6362 (Copy)

We’ve picked up yoga. There have always been beach walks and finding souvenirs, or in the case of Chuck a friend we had to send back to the ocean (and then he became my tattoo).

IMG_6384 (Copy) IMG_6385 (Copy)
IMG_6391 (Copy) IMG_6388 (Copy)

This year, we added a painting class, and I got to connect with a dear friend, too.

IMG_6360 (Copy)

I love this place, I love these ladies, and I cannot wait to get back there. September, you cannot come soon enough. (BTW, want to see what we are up to this year? Check out our Pinterest board.)

IMG_6380 (Copy)

Give Me Energy

This morning, I posted a sad weight loss story, a gain of 3.6 pounds. Let me be for real and tell the truth. I gained three pounds between Christmas and New Years’ then another 0.6 after New Years. I am stumped, but worked hard on getting back on track today even though I didn’t feel well. It’s never fun to post that you’ve gained when for so long you’ve posted that you’re losing, but it had to be done.

Life isn’t always about rainbows and unicorns, is it?

With that said, and being sick, I am going to share with you a really quick blurb from a NaBloPoMo prompt: What is your favorite song that gives you energy?

Right now, “my song” would have to be “The Fighter” by Gym Class Heroes. It pushed me when my PT was having me run on the treadmill after spraining my knee. It pushed me through the Turkey Trot. And it’s going to push me through whatever it is that’s making me gain weight and feel like crud. Watch out world, here comes The Fighter.



January is a relatively quiet time around here (mostly because it gets so cold and snowy), so I decided to get some inspiration from BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo theme, energy. Great theme, right? My aim to make 2013 healthier than ever and one of the most memorable ones yet is going to take a lot of energy.

Tuesday was a complete lack of energy. I mostly sat around lethargic after staying up all night. Yesterday, I turned that around and started the day out with a workout and five minutes of meditation. (You’ll soon see the why behind that–it’s part of a book I’m reading.) That was a huge help for my energy and I got a lot more done than I usually do on the first work day of the month.

Nothing prepared me for the energy I would need to make it through two hours with the kids, though. In two short hours, two kids that stayed up to watch the ball drop were so full of energy. ‘lil Man wanted to potty, but he will not go in the downstairs bathroom, so after two trips up the stairs, there was still no potty to be had. Next was the need to play with Chuck the Truck and try to chase him down the stairs. A few trips up the stairs with Greg (how does he do this all day, every day?), and Chuck comes downstairs.

Arianna wanted supper, then snack, then Princess and the Frog (I didn’t ever buy it apparently, and have TWICE mistaken my purchase of Alice in Wonderland as the movie), then Honey Boo Boo, then art, then snack, then snack, then snack, and cookie. I really have no idea how we keep food in this house or how she stays so skinny. Oh, it must be kid energy.

‘lil Man had decided it was time to go potty again, and this time, he does. It’s barely 8:30, but we decide it is time for them to go to bed. The house is quiet. The dogs start. Whimpering, whining. Greg is ready to be off the clock (and I’ve mentally checked out already, preparing this post in my head).

For some reason, I decided to have a coffee after supper, so the jitters will soon begin and I will enter my fifth night of not falling asleep until the wee hours of morning. Some days, it’s like breathing is the task that takes the most energy! 

Soon, I will get to recharge in my most favorite way, returning to Myrtle Beach for crafting, friends, and complete relaxation at “The Resting Place”. Ah, what a great thing to put my next two weeks’ worth of energy toward getting it! It’s sad that sometimes as parents we put aside our rejuvenation until a once a year vacation or in the late night watching of guilty pleasure shows (like Catfish or Jersey Shore).

Hopefully in 2013 I can learn how to calm the kids’ energy yet fill their needs (not all their wants!) and yet keep my energy strong. Besides coffee, sleep, and pajamas, what are the ways you find your energy?

This quite random post is in a way a combination of the first three days’ prompts from NaBloPoMo on about energy

Baby got a bath!

I may as well end this random post with a random photo of my ball of energy and his Baby (who just got a bath this weekend). 

Thirty Days of Thankful and NaBloPoMo Day 28: Great-Great

Today is Great-Great’s birthday. We are so thankful to have my grandmother in our lives. She is the only living grandparent that Greg or I have. Arianna and ‘lil Man are blessed to have her, too.

It means a lot to us to spend Friday evenings with her, enjoying four generations being together under one roof. We’ll share stories of the week and sometimes reminisce with stories from the past.

Happy birthday, Grandma!

IMG_3890 (Copy)
(The plane my parents and their siblings had made for Grandma’s birthday, replicating the plane her first husband flew.)


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NaBloPoMo November 2012

Thirty Days of Thankful and NaBloPoMo Day 27: Faith

Moving every three to four years, losing contact with friends, and even feeling like an outsider in my own family were the downsides of being a PK. On the upside, I have friends across the globe that have been some part of my life, I understood theological conversations at a young age, and I felt peace when losing the best friend that God brought us back to Brookville for.


When I was at my lowest, God brought me an amazing gift, Arianna, and had me (quite literally) fell into love with Greg. I know these things were because I had faith and decided not to worry, but to let God.

Today, I am thankful for faith and the way it has woven us a life full of many blessings.


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NaBloPoMo November 2012

Thirty Days of Thankful and NaBloPoMo Day 36: Candy Corn PumpKeens


That ‘lil centerpiece up there was nice for Thanksgiving, but it proved even nicer in these days after. The sweet candy corn “pumpkeens” up there were a temptation for the kids…but they became a motivator for a certain ‘lil Man. The past two days, the pumpkeens became rewards for him using the potty! We’ve had success with what I believe is the harder of the two parts of potty training, but he showed he was ready for the first, too. So what if a ‘lil sugar did the trick?!?!

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NaBloPoMo November 2012