Live Well

A few weeks ago, I was honored to have won the Live Well award at my Company’s Annual Awards Luncheon.

The award meant so much more to me than a celebration of my weight loss. I was recognized for becoming a healthier person in many ways, not just for my pounds lost. The thing that I think most people appreciated about my nomination was that I am doing this so I can be around for years to come for my family.

Sure, this journey to lose weight, eat healthy, be fit, and run my butt off (literally) hasn’t been the easiest challenge I have endured. It’s been around two years of dedication, support, and learning to really love myself. Along the way, I’ve had to make some tough decisions, endured some athlete injuries, and push myself harder every single day. It wasn’t a magic switch or pill that made this possible, but it was my head and my heart.

Because throughout my journey I have been motivated by others, and in turn found out I am also an inspiration, I’d love to start sharing more motivational / healthy posts with you all. Help me get started. What do you want to hear about? I think the kids will appreciate having recipes that we’ve found we love (like the other night’s Brussels Sprouts!), but I don’t want to bore you. Of course, there are stories to tell about my training and sharing roadblocks with you (because trust me, they are there). Is there something specific you want to know about my journey? Ask! And keep your eye out for more posts about how Greg and I are working on our tagline, raising a happy and healthy family in Pittsburgh!

Rewarding Behavior

One of the things that has kept me on the wagon over the last few months has been the glory of rewards. The problem I was having, was not having a reward to work toward. Now, I have so many.

The first one, it was just a “it will happen when it happens” was to slip into a pair of “skinny jeans” to wear with my boots. Mark that one off the list as of February 11! The second, one that I didn’t think would happen until about 10 more pounds off, was to wear my jeans from after having ‘lil Miss A. achieved this morning!

I’ve decided I need to put a little bit more to the goals. Time to share with you so that you can keep on me, ask “have you got THAT yet?”.

Goal 1: -30 pounds (Achieved!)
I am cheating a little and going with a 30-pound reward a few weeks late–a “Zero Scale” and pedometer (currently available through Groupon). You’re thinking, what in the world does she want with a scale as a weight loss reward? Well, it will keep me motivated, and this one is really cool. No one will ever know what I weigh if they peek at my memory setting, they’ll just know how much more/less they weigh than me. The Zero Scale only shows differences from the first weigh in. I like this.

Goal 2: Be at the weight I was when I moved to Myrtle Beach (1 pound to go)
A pair of new shoes. Warning, these might be running shoes. And that’s ok with me, too.

Goal 3: -50 Pounds (17 pounds to go)
A Kindle Fire. Good for me, good for the family. I plan on reading up on all the lovely blogs I follow while working out.

Goal 4: Make 7 miles at Mud on the Mountain (77 days to go!)
If I do this (if you ask my nutritionist, it’s WHEN I do this), I will be rewarding myself with a view of Seven Springs in the snow. That’s fine and dandy, but I’d also like a little something more. What do you suggest? I need to make it worthwhile!