Monday Momday

Yeah. It’s a Monday Momday. I didn’t mistype. And it was a well played one, too.

After a mini hiatus from social media to recharge and enjoy some time with my family over the weekend, I had grand plans to take Monday by the horns.

I woke up early and fed the girls then went back to sleep until 7:15. My coffee was piping hot and my computer ready to go. (I’ve been working from home more often to help with the girls’ weight gain.) Things went beautifully as I checked lots off my to do list (probably because my Outlook is broken and I had to rely on the Web app).

Lunchtime came and went before I knew it, so I took an early afternoon bike ride instead of eating. Things went downhill from here.

While on my bike ride, a passenger in a van yelled that my “fat ass is making the tires go flat”. And? They were. I was about a mile from my house and could have walked the bike down the hill and used my mom’s van to go back home but I didn’t. I rode those going flat tires back home with burning tears in my eyes.

Have I gained weight? Yes. I had twins and was on no extra activity for a year. That’s not easy on one’s body. I’m slowly starting back, but cautious for the girls’ nutrition. But that hurt.

So I got home and told Greg about it. He told me to shake it off (maybe even sang a little T Swizzle) and that I am beautiful. I went to change out of my sweaty clothes and couldn’t get out of them because they were too tight. Pretty much broke me there.

But, I had to finish working, so I did. And when I was done? Put the 4 kids to a nap (shhh, it was 530!) and had a good cry in the shower shower. Isla, of course, woke as I was dressing. This was the signal to enjoy the evening with the kids.

And enjoy I did, until Arianna decided to cut the top and bottom off ice pops and the twins both had an exploded diaper (all over their seats in the man loft) while I was on work phone calls. Greg’s working…and was impacted by the reason I was on the calls…so he missed out on this fun end (so far) to my Monday Momday.

#MondayMomfession? Sometimes I wonder how on earth I handle it all without crying…and then I remember my showers. What’s your honest mom truth?

Good thing she's cute.