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Gonna Eat My Cookies

Repeat after me, moms. “You’re a good mom.” Repeat it again. And again. And once more for good measure. And if my own mom is reading this, I apologize (again) for every time I made you whisper, cry, yell, or speak this mantra.

Yinz guys, it’s been a tough three hours since I got home from work. I’m finally feeling inspired to write again, inspired to maybe actually pick up that guitar I kept yearning for, and like my running and weight-loss have hit a stride. I’m feeling GOOD at this working on me thing, but see, I think that’s exactly the problem. keep reading

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Monday Momfessions: Salad

The reality of dealing with my picky five year old’s eating habits?

Salad apparently does not contain lettuce.

But I better get to the store right now and get some more lettuce since I am the one that ate it all, you know.

Right. In the middle of an icy rain, an hour before I am supposed to have you in bed so I can deploy some changes for work. keep reading

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