City Mouse and Country Mouse Go Camping

If you have never gone camping, do it. If you have never gone camping with your best friend, do it. A few weeks ago, the City Mouse (me) and Country Mouse (my best friend, Missy) decided to go camping. We’d been camping before as kids with our parents for church camping weekends, but neither of us had ever gone camping “by ourselves” as adults.

We’d played with the idea of two years. Our husbands (Greg and Tom) had been on board from the get go, but when meeting up with Missy and Tom for their birthday dinner, it was clear that we needed to make it happen this year. They were campaigning for us to purchase a three room tent “for only $139”, but it wasn’t in the budget books for this summer. Instead, Missy and I started to search for campground pricing.

Our hearts were set on Clear Creek State Park, but God had other plans. The park was flooded in early summer, closing the main road into it and the swimming area. We decided to ditch our childhood park of memory and give Cook Forest State Park a go instead.

The City Mouse really didn’t plan for much other than some meals. This is where the Country Mouse had the upper hand–she was so prepared with everything we’d need. (We brought a lot of stuff, but there wasn’t anything we took that we didn’t use.) She even secured her dad’s pop up camper to borrow so we wouldn’t have to sleep on the ground in a tent. This was probably what sealed us to loving camping and wanting to be back again sooner rather than later. The City Mouse’s mom offered up a cover for our table, something we totally didn’t think about and ended up being a life saver, too.

IMG_0577 (Copy)

When we first set out, we thought the odds that the Country Mouse and her husband were going to be scoring all the “points” this weekend and the City Mouse and her husband would give up the camping quicker than you could say the alphabet. Turns out, we were wrong. Each one of the four of us brought a beautiful chemistry to the camping weekend, and we found a great balance in taking on the tasks of camping. Note: Those of you who can set up a site like we did with only two people? Send us your stories. It took all four of us to figure that configuration out!

Tom was great at tending the fire and adapting it to our needs (like hot coals for mountain pies, warmth for boiling water, and just a general fire).

IMG_0585 (Copy)

Greg was great at fending off zombies, killer squirrels, and keeping us connected to the real world with his radio. (Tom, Missy, and I have smart phones and none of them had much service…admittedly, being disconnected felt amazing.)

IMG_0605 (Copy)

Missy was great at everything, as usual, but she really stunned us with her ability to make food that didn’t sound like it would be amazing (i.e. eggs in a bag, which will be a separate post), amazing!

IMG_0606 (Copy)

And me, the City Mouse, was good at the “mom stuff” like having hand sanitizer, bug spray, and sunscreen at hand, but also in capturing the memories (including this silly selfie).

IMG_0709 (Copy)

Our camping weekend was everything we’d hoped it would be and more, too much to share in one post. Since it’s Labor Day Weekend and we’d rather be camping (okay, not all of us, someone has a big game to watch tonight, ahem), I figure I’ll keep sharing our memories with you to live vicariously along with us. Enjoy!