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Ava Reads a Bedtime Story

Tonight, Ava read us a bedtime story. After a difficult week with her being clingy, a little sick, and losing her favorite cup, this sure was a good way to end it. Enjoy her “reading” of one of her favorite stories.

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Five Favorite Moments: Vacationing While Growing Up

The other night, my family got to talking about family memories, specifically vacations on a frugal budget. While the stories were mostly memories about how my Grandma made vacations (and life) special on essentially one income to raise seven kids, I have to say that my Mom and Dad made some amazing memory magic of their own, too. You see, my dad is a pastor. Not sure if you know, but that’s not up there with the income of a doctor or lawyer…or most other folks. We had some amazing times, though, and I figured I’d share five of my favorite moments vacationing while growing up. keep reading

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Dr. King’s Speech: In Dad’s Eye’s

Fifty years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. addressed a nation with his “I Have a Dream” speech. As you know, our family is living that dream. Our dad (Pop Pop) was there for the March on Washington–he and his Dad rode a bus from Harlem to D.C. We asked him some questions about the day, and are so glad to be able to hear his recollection of this moment in our history. He was 24 years old at the time.  keep reading

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Four Years

Last night Greg and I celebrated a joyous four years of togetherness (let’s forget that one night he said he wanted to “just be friends and let’s slow down” followed by my not talking to him for 3 days, ahem). The hallowed BBQ night followed by a week of realizing I was moving away and these feelings were real. keep reading

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Bittersweet Rememories

Today is a bitter day for me personally, so I am sending some fun memories of the past week out into the interwebs for your enjoyment. These things make me smile, something I need on a bad memory day like today.

Holding Hands.
‘lil Man acted all shy when first approached by Michelle taking his “two” photos. By mid-shoot, he was demanding, “hand, hold my hand” as he led her through the Aviary, showing her his favorite place in Pittsburgh. keep reading

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How 2012 Rocked

As we settle down from all the holiday rushing around, I thought it would be fun to list the “best of” and “worst of” in 2012. Overall, this was a great year, but as any family would, it has had UPS and DOWNS!

Let’s get the “Worst Of” going! keep reading

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Cherishing Moments

Earlier this evening, I posted about a book on finding happiness. I really don’t want to write about yesterday’s tragedy, but there are so many people in grief, shock, and pain over the horrible events in Newton, CT. There are so many people who I am sure are trying to find happiness this weekend. Last night, I fell asleep with tears in my eyes, happy that I was blessed with one more day with my precious family. keep reading

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A Month Ago

In the last month, ‘lil Miss A has…

* Gained almost 2 pounds, every ounce of it in height. 3T pants are loose on the waist but as short on her ankles as petite pants are on me. Hello, 4T and belts.

* Been in need of a haircut, but I held off due to her 4 pics. Now, her hair is a good 2 inches longer. Our baldy has turned into a rapunzel. She apparently prefers her side bangs, I need to convince her a trim is ok. keep reading

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Pieces of the Past

Tonight, I stepped inside a place I haven’t been for almost 18 years. Not too much has changed with the exception of the people and the food. And the couch. The couch where Mr. Rogers or Mr. McFeeley and I would sit and swap stories is gone. And the smell of sticky buns no longer fills the air. keep reading

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