July Pittsburgh Zoo Members’ Night

Our cousins came to town just in time to enjoy some summer fun with us. One of the things we did was take D to the Pittsburgh Zoo Members Night on July 31. We always love our time at the Zoo, and Members’ Night is always an added bonus.

IMG_0110 (Copy)

I’ll admit it, I was tired from BlogHer (can’t you just see it in my face?) and had already gotten a lot of steps for the day. For the first time in my 30 years, I voted for a ride on the tram. (Of course, we passed Arianna’s preschool teacher as the tram took us to the Elephant house stop.)

IMG_0079 (Copy)
For some reason, all three kids can’t look at the camera at the same time!

It was a pretty run of the mill night at the Zoo, we made it all the way around the main part (we typically skip Kids’ Kingdom due to the the fact a lot of big kids are running rampant and our ‘lil ones get lost in the mess.

IMG_0119 (Copy)

With a bit of time to spare, we decided to go back to the Elephant House. That night, it had been super busy and the Elephant Keepers were doing something neat we’d never seen–letting us inside the big room and up close to the elephants. Not like “stand for a second and take a picture that you paid $10” close (which we do and love), but up close and personal close.

IMG_0165 (Copy)

IMG_0168 (Copy)

It was an amazing experience for the girls who both love elephants. Evan wasn’t as thrilled, but he did have his merry time in the Tropical Rain Forest. All in all, the crowds and being tired was definitely worth taking a few hours to bond with our kids and D.

I’ve shared a few more photos of the night on Flickr, in case you’d love to see more.

Members’ Night

Last night was the Pittsburgh Zoo Members’ Night. Being a busy mom, I still haven’t shared the Members’ Night photos from last month (but need to–we got some great moments captured with the kids and Day-Day).

This time around, we opted to leave the camera at home and just enjoy. Of course, that’d be the time when Arianna decided to go up to non-creepy characters and cheese. And at the same time, I would be bumped by 5,000 other families trying to leave the zoo at the same time, thus a quick second to take a blurry photo with my phone. Either way, here’s the moment:


You’ll have that. Call it camera karma.

I promise to do some photo uploading this weekend. I’m a poker widow tomorrow night and backed out of shopping with mom due to back to school shoppers sure to be out in full force. All I need is a dress!