Gadget Grab

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If you are like me and rely on your phone or tablet to view your favorite recipes or serve as a second screen while you blog (or work your business), the Gadget Grab™ just might be a tool for you.

This tool is handy for holding your devices so you can be hands free (at home – I wouldn’t recommend it in the car). There are two sizes, one for phones and one for tablets. The Gadget Grab is available online at or in US retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond (find more on their Facebook page)

So, what does this “solution for trying to balance your tablet or phone” really do for a busy technology-addict mom like me?

  • Holds my phone (without the cover – I couldn’t get it to stick with my case) while I cook healthy recipes that I’ve pinned
  • Holds the iPad (we have a Mini) in a position that the babies can watch videos while I do bedtime with the big kids (again, without the cover – the “sticky” part of Gadget Grab apparently doesn’t like the ridgy surfaces of our cases).
  • Works horizontally or vertically — so I can read books and the kids can watch movies

I was skeptical at first when the cases wouldn’t stick to the grab, but there’s definitely a benefit to using the Gadget Grab from time to time.

Here it is, holding our (dirty, omg!) iPad:


If you’d like to try one out, I’ve been given the opportunity to give one away. Enter below!

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