First Haircut

Today was the day. A day 3 years and almost 5 months in the making. ‘lil Miss A got her first haircut. Nothing major in style, just a nice trim up to help tame the hot mess that her hair becomes most days.

(The cape is perfect for our ‘lil miss, isn’t it?) We went to our local MasterCuts in the mall just to see prices. One of my friends in Myrtle Beach worked at a MasterCuts, so I knew that if there was only 2 people on the list ahead of us, it was going to be a short wait. They’re just that kind of good. I signed us up and in the time it took Mr. Burgher to get A to the bathroom and back, they were ready for us.

I was quite happy we got the stylist we did–she wasn’t the youngest or oldest in the salon AND she had a nice haircut, so I knew we could trust her. She’d be cutting my hair, too, after all. 😉 ‘lil Miss A let me lift her into the seat with boosters, then it was time to get to work.

Although she wasn’t near as chatty as I was with the stylist, she sure did sit well for her (unlike that one time I tried to cut her hair.) Before we knew it, the first snips were done.

She even let the stylist use the blow-dryer on her when she was done–something she never lets me even get near her. When the haircut and style were done, A got sparkles sprayed in her golden locks and then was given a lollipop and tattoo. She was one happy camper, and very happy to show off her “new look”. She quickly became a Diva and just might have threw her weight around throughout the evening because of her new status.

After one haircut, she’s an expert on hair. She even suggested I keep the clips and foils in my hair because they made me “beautifuler”.

While we were there, Mr. Burgher got a small trim up (he’s growing out his curls) and they let ‘lil Man don a cape and sit on his lap to see how it worked. I set out for a trim and got a good bit of style and color in my hair (well overdue) plus an eyebrow wax. It was a treatment that was very much needed and made this Mama feel happy.

(By the way–MasterCuts has a great special right now on cut, color, and eyebrow wax–you even get a bottle of nail polish! You should stop in and get this great treatment, too. This isn’t in any way a sponsored post, just a neighborly service to tell you what a great deal you can get. Send me a note if you’d like our stylist’s name, too!)