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Nhere. It’s what is near + here! As a small business owner and over sharer and proud community member, I am so excited to tell to about this app.

A few weeks ago, I got to meet the Nhere team at a Grow Strong (Armstrong County Small Business) networking event. After hearing about the app, I was sold. Nhere helps you find out “what’s close by and get an in-depth look at what’s local, whether you’re looking for a restaurant to eat at, a bar to drink at, a museum to visit, or a park to relax in“. With a familiar feel to some of today’s top social media tools, sharing quickly becomes addictive. {Bonus points that the app is a product of Pittsburgh!}

How am I using Nhere?
For now, I’ve focused my use of Nhere around building up info about my local community. As I have events for my business, I will be posting promotions.

There is a “circle” which pulls up a map with photos “near + here”. Most of the Kittanning ones are mine and from the event a few weeks ago, so I am eager to change that with plenty more posts about my town. 😉


With the camera feature, it’s easy to take a photo and tag it geographically so others know where to find the local gem you are sharing. For instance, the Ford Cliff VFD has a GREAT Fish Fry on Fridays in Lent so I shared their flyer as I was heading out (all full of fish, of course).


See how the location is on my post? And others can favorite and/or up/down vote it too!

Speaking of voting, I snapped this photo of my local YMCA’s latest campaign:


I’m excited to watch Nhere grow their business bug even more to see how it helps grow local businesses, too.

You can download Nhere for free on iTunes and Google Play (scroll down if all you see is games!). Promotions for area over a mile have a minimal fee.

You can find out more about Nhere by visiting their website or following them on Twitter @theNhere_app.

More details from their app listing:

*Edit photos with in-app filters
*Search the GPS map for other cities and countries
*edit videos and add music from your device’s library
*follow other users and view their posts on your feed
*Upvote and Downvote posts
*Comment on posts from other users
*Gain Points for every vote, post, and comment
*Post to followers, directly to someone, or anonymously
*Add categories to your post like: food, bars, scenic, shops, entertainment, active, culture or art
*Tag friends and family in your posts
*Promote your post beyond a mile radius for less than a dollar