Summer Fun + Real World Skills: iD Tech Camps

(Enter disclaimer text) Kids are getting stronger and smarter. They are empowered to go out and do great things (like starting companies and non-profits or inventing the latest tech) at a young age. With opportunities like iD Tech Camps to kick-start dreams of innovation, it’s no mystery why this is the trend.

iD Tech Camps
Source: iD Tech Camps

A few nights ago, I was putting Arianna to bed and she told me she wanted “to learn computer stuff like mommy“. She’d be a great fit for iD Tech Camps’ Coding and App Development Courses which would have her design a game and write blocks of code to bring it to life. There would be eight students per instructor, so she’d get plenty of attention but just enough independence to make her see just how awesome she is. At the end of camp, she’d be able to have us play it on iOS and Android. How cool is this?!?!  Honestly, I’m geeking out thinking about this option!

About iD Tech Camps

This summer, iD Tech Camps (the world’s #1 summer computer camp for kids and teens since 1999) will bring STEM learning experiences to help kids do big things. Students can learn about programming, robotics, game design, leadership and more at over 150 college campuses in the US this summer.

Curriculum is developed with all levels of learners in mind (courses are denoted as beginner, intermediate, advanced). Content is revamped every year – so repeat attendees will not be learning the same thing year after year. Kids can start at the age of 6 through 18. There are options for half- and full-day programs as well as day and overnight for their weeklong courses. To find the one best for your child, spend a few minutes with them over at the course catalog and narrow down based on age, experience, and interests.

As a woman in tech, I am super excited that there is an all girls program, Alexa Cafe, that empowers girls in tech:

At Alexa Café, girls tap into the power of technology, exploring leadership, entrepreneurship, and social activism along the way. Ideas take shape around café tables in a fresh, empowering setting. New friends join forces and collaborate to better our world.

Whether your daughter wants to code an app for charity, design her own video game, engineer wearable electronics, or discover the secrets of cyber security, she’ll create a project she’s passionate about and join an inspired community of girls in STEM. (Information from id Tech Camps)

Special Discount

If you’re intrigued and want to enroll your child in iD Tech Camps this summer, I urge you to act fast. These camps are selling out! To sweeten the experience, I’ve been given a promo code to help you save on iD Tech Camp enrollment through 8/31/17 – please use LILBURGHERS17 when enrolling at for $75 off a regular week of camp or $30 off of a week at iD Tech Mini.

In Pittsburgh? Carnegie Mellon University is our local iD Tech campus with programs starting June 5-9.