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Glad It’s (Sorta) Over

I can’t find anywhere that I blogged specifically about this, but this past spring, I was diagnosed with vertigo post our trip to Las Vegas. First, I went to the local walk in clinic and ruled out an ear infection. When the PA asked me to lie back on the table, she watched my eyes twitch and roll…which immediately paired with my other symptoms, led her to believe I had vertigo. keep reading

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Don’t Let Her Fool You

…this scream/cry was fake. She thought you were supposed to be sad and scared on the swings. Not sure what that was about, but both times on the swings this happened.

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It’s Funny What You Capture

…when you’re trying to photograph something else.

Ever since we got Mr. Canon (our DSLR), Mr. Burgher and I have been messing with the settings, trying to learn how it takes pics in different settings. We get a lot of great tips here on the interwebs, but we’ve found that experience usually is the best way to learn. keep reading

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Not Quite Strong Enough

Our ‘lil Miss A and the girl she was paired with on white plane 8 were not quite strong enough to get their plane up high in the sky. Maybe next year!

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