Couch to 5K

You all probably read that title and laughed your cute butts off. No kidding, Mama Burgher and Mr. Burgher are turning a new leaf.

Sure, we’ve been eating healthier together and I’ve been talking lunchtime walks, but it’s not enough. I know that because I’ve been doing a “Drop 10 in 10” program through work and with one class left, I am sitting here down 14.6 pounds. You might be like, wow, that’s great, that’s normal! But to me, I’d like more. See, the thought is 10 pounds or 10% and Mama is nowhere near that. . . but Mama is happy with the results nonetheless. Something is working.

But I need more. My lunchtime miles have been pacing faster, which is great, but I am clearly not getting enough. My energy is still down, and my hunger is on the rise. So, after a weekend with friends (one of which runs a 5K every night), we decided to tackle this together. Mr. Burgher ran Cross Country in high school and he loved it. I lettered in track (ha—what a story—I was the manager yet was given a letter), so we’ve both always loved the sport of running. Doesn’t mean I am good at it at all—frankly, I am awful. I think my senior year of high school I took gym just to take gym and “faked” the mile—jogging three laps with some guy friends and we got away with it. That’s how much I actually “love” to run.

If I love to watch running, why don’t I do it? Ready to shake your heads again? I don’t do it because I have a fiercely addictive personality. I am addicted to shoes, bags, chocolates, cheeses, brews, line dancing, technology, my phone, my family. Sure, mostly good things, but when I start something, I usually can’t stop. That, my friends, is what kept me from wanting to run. Fear of addiction. Say what? Running is a great addiction to have, but I knew that if I started, I would soon be getting up early or staying up late, wanting to run. Wanting to run to blow off steam. Wanting to run in the hot. Wanting to run in the rain.

And yes, that is exactly what is happening. The Couch to 5K program has us couch potatoes up and running a 5K in about 10 weeks. Sure, it might take longer, but only two workouts in, I can tell you three things.

One: I am addicted. I love it. I went out and bought new shoes (squeee!!!), running pants (please avoid the track around 8 pm if you don’t wanna see), and a running tank top. I want to live in these clothes. I wake up in the morning and want to go out and do it all again. We were stretching last night and I wanted to get up and do it over. When something upsets me, or stress is high, I no longer tap my vertigo, I tap my “running” addiction.

Two: Stamina builds over time. So, two workouts in, we are walking 90 seconds, jogging 60 seconds for 20 minutes (following a warmup). Last night, against the theory of the program, I asked Mr. Burgher if we could kick it up and do one more set of jog/walk because what should’ve been our final jog just felt too easy. On Tuesday, I was probably 8 seconds from passing out at the end of that last jog. Sure, I am the slowest runner around, but I am getting better and I L.O.V.E. it.

Three: You have to want it and not care what anyone else thinks. I don’t care how many of you laugh and get skeptical of my goal. I am going to do it anyways. Even in running pants and a tank top, I couldn’t lose my confidence…not even when the high school football team took the track. I want it, it’s what’s good for me. I am lucky to have a good running partner. Mr. Burgher sure could pace a lot faster, but he enjoys working through this with me. We want it, and we’ll do what it takes.

I promise to keep you posted on our journey to the 5K. We probably should set a goal for one to participate in this fall so that we are running for something, but I honestly haven’t checked anything out. Thanks, C, for being an inspiration!

Lil Miss A and Mr. Burgher stretching pre-run