Pittsburghers Blogging for Justice

Today I will be teaming up with fellow Pittsburgh Bloggers Blogging for Justice. We’ve been prompted to share our thoughts based on last weekend’s verdict in the Zimmerman trial. While I try to keep out of the politics  in this blog, there are just some things that hit all too close to home and I feel like I need to share. 

As you know, many people in the country are up in arms with the verdict of the Zimmerman trial in the death of Trayvon Martin. As a mother and an accepting person in general, sure, I have my opinions when it comes to what I think happened, but those are just opinions. It wasn’t up to me to decide what did or didn’t happen the night that Trayvon was approached by Zimmerman. I wasn’t there, but the media gave us bits and pieces of the truth throughout the journey to a verdict.

Rather than get up in arms about what may or may not have truly happened that sad night, I want to focus on justice. I want to help call to attention the fact that we as society need to understand that without 100% proof, and since we are not God, we cannot be the final judge.

When I look at the definition of justice, I get two things:

1. Just behavior or treatment.

2. The quality of being fair and reasonable.

When I read those definitions and think about the Zimmerman trial, I cannot help but wonder if the police gave the case just treatment–would the evidence have been put together differently if Trayvon had been a white male instead? What if he had been just a few years younger? What if he had been a woman? Would the evidence have been brought in the same manner? Would his killer be allowed to be free and get his weapon back? Is this fair and reasonable? 

It’s not just looking for justice in the legal system. I’m looking to raise my kids in a world where there is justice everywhere. No bullies. Fair and equal treatment regardless of race, sex, orientation, faith, education, age. I want to be sure my kids are comfortable in their own skin and are welcomed anywhere they go.

My hope is that regardless of your position on the Zimmerman verdict that you’ll do your part to bring justice to our world. In turn, I promise to teach my kids to be fair, to be welcoming, to treat everyone the same with hopes that they’ll be sent out into a world full of people with the same beliefs and without fear of our justice/legal system. Can you do that with me?


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