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Fun Fore All to End Childhood Hunger

Think of five children you know. Mine can be two of them, why not.

Of those five children, it’s likely that one of the five is affected by Childhood Hunger (based on a stat that I was given for this post).

Now think about you as an adult. How does it feel when you are hungry? Not so good, right? Likely, you’re able to get yourself something to satisfy that hunger (and if you’re not, head on over to www.pittsburghfoodbank.org to get some assistance – it’s a judge free zone). But that feeling of hunger is not so fun. When I am hungry, I am mean and unstable. I can’t think. I can’t do anything but crave food NOW. keep reading

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TwEAT OUT for #NoKidHungry

Hopefully you enjoyed my earlier post about the #BlogMob #Hunger at the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. This whole month is dedicated to fighting hunger, and I am excited to share with you one more way you can help out.

From September 16 to 22, you can visit participating restaurants and dine out for No Kid Hungry. What does that mean? That means that when you and your family have dinner this week, you can help Share Our Strength with programs to end childhood hunger. keep reading

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Wearing Orange for Hunger


Today, I am going orange for hunger. If you haven’t dressed yet, consider it! Being awareness to this fight…we Americans have too much greed and hunger, let’s fix that.

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Wasted Food

Yesterday, WTAE shared a startling article from CNN: 40% of US Food Wasted. 40%! September is Hunger Action Month, so this has me thinking hard.

Earlier this week, I got angry over spoiled milk. Bad milk made me waste not only the milk, but 6 eggs, too. The next day, we threw out leftovers and some rotten berries. ‘lil Man is usually good for spilling food on the floor, forcing us throw it out. We are not alone. The report found that Americans toss out 25% of the food and beverages they buy–it’s a hard metric to hear, but I am pretty sure we come decently close to that. keep reading

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