“A Good American” #BHBC Review

I’ll admit it, I am a huge nerd for historic fiction, especially the kind of fiction that takes me through the Midwest. You know I am not a Midwest girl, but I just love the allure of plains. Anyhow, as a good American myself, I connected well with “A Good American” (by Alex George), the latest book I got to review through BlogHer.

Source: Blogher

George presents quite the journey of a Germany immigrant family (the Meisenheimers) starting with Jette and Frederick’s “snap” decision to leave their home country and make America their own. You see, their son was conceived out of wedlock, and Frederick was not the man that Jette’s mother would have chosen for her to marry. They hid their pregnancy for about 7 months then upon being discovered, decided to flee to America for the freedoms we know (and love). Once arriving in America, Jette and Frederick have to make the new country their own, and just like their happenstance meeting in a garden, destiny and fate have complete control over the events that happen to them and their family in the free world.

The journalistic narration by grandson James travels with the family from “love at first sight” through generations of cultural change (tied mostly to the family’s bar turned burger joint, a town staple) and drama. Every chapter stirred my emotions—laughter, anger, sadness, laughter again—because I could relate to many of the trials and triumphs the family encounters in their years as Good Americans. There are secrets that you won’t even learn about until the very last pages, leaving you on the edge of your seat. Every family has their secrets, right?

Speaking of secrets…I know I am being super secretive with this review, but you have to trust me—you don’t want the surprises spoiled. I love, love, love stories like this. George was so descriptive and I could literally see the novel unfold as I read it (all in one day—I loved it so much). Add this book to your 2013 “Must Read” list, and you will not be disappointed. In the meantime, you can check out the conversation from myself and others over at BlogHer.

Disclaimer: I participated in this review for BlogHer. While it’s a paid review, all opinions, as always, are 100% my own.