Thirty Days of Thankful and NaBloPoMo Day 4: Health

Yesterday, Greg, the kids, and I walked in the Pittsburgh Heart Walk. It was a 5K, and although the crowd and the wagon pushed us over 20 minutes per mile, the fact that we are able to just wake up and walk that far is super.

Today, I am thankful for health. For those who look for cures for heart disease, for those who live every day as survivors. And for my own health. While I am a pretty healthy person, I have been on a year-long journey to keep doing better for myself. I’d like to think there’s a nice difference in my health from last year…

2011 from Tote Bag Project’s Flickr

…to this year…

IMG_3435 (Copy)


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NaBloPoMo November 2012

The Pittsburgh Heart Walk: Why We’re Walking

When I was four years old, I lost my (first) best friend. It was the day of my brother’s birthday party, and I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my grandparents and Uncle Ron. I remember standing on the couch, looking out the window and waiting, waiting, waiting. The phone rang. My dad disappeared. I didn’t like what I could hear as he and my mom murmured in their bedroom. My Pappy Jack was gone. My dad’s inspiration and my best friend passed away suddenly (at a fairly young age) of a heart attack.

Fast forward 20 years and my dad suffered another loss due to heart issues. His best friend and “First Mate” of our boat, George, had endured a lot, but it was his time to go. Both losses were pretty sudden, and had a big impact on my life. Carpe Diem. Live it up, live like you don’t know what is coming tomorrow.

My father-in-law also has had heart issues. Greg and I have two uncles with heart issues. Young children are suffering, undergoing multiple surgeries to survive.

For these fighters, and in memory of those who have lost the battle, we will walk. We will fight. On November 3, Greg and I (and probably the kids) will be walking in the Pittsburgh Heart Walk, raising funds for the American Heart Association. You can support us by clicking on this bar here (or there’s one on the side). Please consider giving to the cause, or even walking with us (comment if you’d like more info). Don’t stop the fight.

Have a Heart

On October 22, Mr. Burgher, ‘Lil Man, and I walked with my work in the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk.

We walked for:
* 2 Pop 4 Sure
* Uncle B
* Pappy Jack P
* Cousins M and D
* First Mate G
* And all the others who’ve been impacted by Heart Disease

Cause we really want to be around for this ‘lil guy and his big sister!