Jack O’Lanterns

On Sunday, the kids and I went to the Pumpkin Patch. I had grand dreams of a Pinterest-worthy post; however, my camera, cold hands, and still feeling under the weather had other plans.

The kids, however, enjoyed themselves regardless.




And at the end, they picked out pumpkins to turn into Jack O’Lanterns. Arianna taught me that we’re raising her right. The pumpkins she (they) picked were not by any means pretty, but in her eyes, they were. Spots, ground markings, and all, she loved them lots.

Tonight, we had plans to make the Jack O’Lanterns; however, Greg is not feeling great and my heart is just not really into doing much this week. As Greg and I discussed the plan to cut them or not, Evan made the decision for us, attacking the pumpkins with markers.

“I made them beautiful,” he yelled from the kitchen.



I kinda agreed.

Greg kinda agreed.

Arianna did not. She wanted true Jack O’Lanterns. (We’ve only cut them one other time when we were in Williamsburg two years ago) and painted some that year, too.)

Her demands were met. And now maybe I’ll have Pinterest worthy pumpkin seed roasting posts to share, since the kids really want to eat the seeds.

I think we did pretty darn good for not really wanting to do this, what do you think?



IMG_1322 (Copy)


As Halloween approaches, we are cautious with Evan. He’s very afraid of anything mildly spooky, including the neighbor’s (fake) spider web which he helped hang last week.

There are certain stores he won’t even go in, because he’s seen something spooky there. When he does encounter something spooky, he claws at Mama, burying his head. (I really learned my lesson the day I took him in the costume store at the mall to show him the Jake costume and he caused quite the scene.)

It’s a good thing he’s afraid of some things that go “bump”, but I don’t remember Arianna being as cautious as he’s been. And it’s even harder when his sister seems to like the creepy and scary things (like when we went in the costume store and she giggled and pushed the “TNT” button on the clown in a box several times and asked if she could touch a creepy “chucky”-style baby).

Trick or Treat should be interesting. So far, we’ve put off decorating in any way and buying costumes. We allow him to avoid the stores (or at least aisles) when at all possible. Any other tips for helping a two-year-old overcome fears (like that jack o’ lantern above, or plastic spiders)?  Please share in the comments below. 

Thirty Days of Thankful and NaBloPoMo Day 5: Changing Minds

Sandy impacted our town’s Trick or Treat, so we changed our minds from not participating to going ahead and passing out candy. Fifteen minutes before we were supposed to head out, the kids woke up from their naps and Arianna announced that she changed her mind. She no longer wanted to be Dora or a pirate, but instead wanted to be a kitty.

So, she went to her room, found a few things, and asked me to give her whiskers. This is what she ended up going as:

IMG_3613 (Copy)

Joined by her ‘lil brother, the monkey:

IMG_3634 (Copy)


Sometimes the cutest things happen when we change our minds.


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