Competitive Spirit

As a kid, I really could have cared less about sports. My mom had me in dance for a while, but I think that I was caught more than once just lying on the stage during recitals and picking at the sequins she tediously sewed on my leotard. As I got older, I got larger and didn’t feel like I fit in the sports my high school offered (although I did hit a mean golf ball in gym class). Ever since losing my weight, I have had a crazy competitive spirit…and I am ready to pass this on to my kids.

It’s starting with Arianna. She joined gymnastics this week at our local tumbling center (which is apparently really popular, kids come from all around to work out here).

My big 'lil girl is starting gymnastics tonight!!! #lilburghers

Her first class went just as any first class would go – she obviously couldn’t do it all and showed that she was scared of a few things (like the trampoline and going feet over head). But what did I do while she was learning her new skills? I wrote down skills that we can work on with her at home.

And Evan? I inquired about soccer for him, but then drug my feet about it because we have plans on game days and I can’t have him not at a game because competitive spirit.

Maybe I need a new hobby, like getting back to my running game to compete against myself? I cannot wait, but my competitive spirit reminds me that to be our best for competing, we have to wait for our bodies to be ready. 


And so, how could I be a Pittsburgh-based Mom blog without mentioning James Harrison taking “participation trophies” away from his kids? I’m sorry, but I side with James. And this is not just for kids, but for things like bonuses, raises, and recognition as adults. What do you think? Was James right to take away the trophies? Do you think it will help his (and MY) kids learn to strive for the real awards in sports and in life? Comment below!