Someone Needs to Stop Time

Seriously. Can one of you get on that? I know a few of you talk to the Big Man upstairs like we do, so maybe you can say an extra prayer or two for us?

This past weekend, my mind starting racing. Lil Miss A is growing up way too fast because too much time has passed between some events.

A friend told me that a dog I used to co-own passed away–it had been three and a half years since the Ex had returned her to the Humane Society and an old friend adopted her out of there.

(RIP Daisy)

Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast, making me think back to the night my roommate and I ventured out to greet Tropical Storm Hanna–this was three years ago this coming weekend and I had just hit the start of my 9th month of pregnancy.

(Me during Tropical Storm Hanna in Myrtle Beach 9.5.08, one month before A was born)

And, we got the welcome postcard that A was accepted into Preschool.

PRESCHOOL. Yup. Next Wednesday, I will be driving our first piece of precious cargo with me and dropping her off at preschool. Can you stand it? She is just growing way too fast, see?

This is her a year ago:

And this is her now:

I really can’t stand it.