When You Grow Up

This week’s Life With Levi breastfeeding blog hop has been opened to all bloggers as an open theme–“When You Grow Up”.

Dear Lil Burghers,

When you grow up, I hope that:
* You amaze your teachers with your smarts (but that you don’t become so cocky about it you end up bored or in trouble).
* You make friends and that if time or distance ever come between you, both realize two-way communication is the key to a successful continual relationship.
* If you lose someone near and dear to you at a young age, you handle it with grace, but know I will be here to hold you. Loss happens, and it is part of God’s plan to help you grow, trust me.
* You fall in love with the person I’ve been praying to be sent your way and realize all the other relationships and crushes (broken, wrenching, or sweet) were just part of the path.
* You never lose faith.
* You follow your dreams, and accept that dreams change. My dreams changed (like whoa) but led me to your Daddy.
* You love and laugh lots.
* You cherish time with those you love.
* You never have regrets and leave the past where it belongs.
* You read lots.
* You hug often.
* You enjoy your college years/young adult life but don’t rack up a hefty debt.
* You respect others opinions but know that the only one who can judge you is God above you. Daddy and I embrace this.
* You avoid talking politics at the dinner table. You avoid letting differing opinions sway your friendships.
* You stand in awe at the ocean, the mountains, the canyons, the lakes, the deserts.
* You don’t fret over your body and enjoy yourself some dessert.
* You love like you love today. Never lose the giggles!
* You know you’ll always be Mama’s babies.

As each day passes, I shed a few tears because I know it won’t be long until you leave our nest, but I am excited to see what wonder the future brings. Follow your hearts and dare to dream.
Mama Burgher

Sleep Worry


Ever since our children were born, I watch and listen like a hawk while they sleep.

Those first days and weeks, I watch for the rise of their chest during first snuggles and long naps.

I try to figure out how they can sleep so sound yet escape the swaddler (or poke a foot or hand out of it just enough to sefl soothe).

Watching and listening combine as the night feedings slow and sleeping through the night begins.

The first time they roll over in the crib, I fiercely stare to make sure their little lips and noses are getting air.

As they become mobile, it is watching for hands or feet poking through the crib slats, curtains pulled down, or diapers pulled off (or all of the above in one night, ahem).

In cold weather, is the blanket too much or too close to their face? For warm nights, is a diaper or pull up enough? Will we wake to an accident?

Moving from the crib to a toddler bed, when is it safe to let the baby free or trust that they won’t stay up all night playing with their stuffed animals?

Was that cough a choke or just a normal cough? Is the vaporizer working the room like it is a set of the Babies of the Mist?

Before we know it, we’ll be worried about the sleep patterns on a school night and if they came home at a decent hour.

Time flies by quickly. As I watched Lil Man sleep a few moments ago, I wondered when he’d have another bad dream (like he did earlier, shaking and clinging to Daddy). I wondered when the kids will want to run from monsters and storms and camp out on pallets in our room. And I wondered how long it would be until we transition Lil Man to his own room (although I am in no rush).

Even then, I’ll still probably sneak in and watch them sleep, worrying about the next breath, the next move, the next milestone. But I’ll remind myself that they will always be my babies to watch and worry over, to just enjoy the sneak peeks at their dream smiles while I can.

Sweet Dreams, Lil Man and Lil Miss A!