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This Christmas Means to Me…


Something had been eating at me as we lived out of boxes and suitcases and from house to house in the 6 weeks between the sale of our home and purchase of our new one.

I really wanted to get Christmas started, but I didn’t know why.

You’d think that it would be next year, with getting to watch on wonder as four ‘lil Burghers gather by the tree and squeal in delight.  But that wasn’t it. keep reading

Thirty Days of Thankful and NaBloPoMo Day 28: Great-Great

Today is Great-Great’s birthday. We are so thankful to have my grandmother in our lives. She is the only living grandparent that Greg or I have. Arianna and ‘lil Man are blessed to have her, too.

It means a lot to us to spend Friday evenings with her, enjoying four generations being together under one roof. We’ll share stories of the week and sometimes reminisce with stories from the past. keep reading