A Day With Grammie

Last night, Greg and I got to go on a date/networking event with some other Help Desk folks in Pittsburgh to the Pirates game. Grammie decided to stay here with the kids instead of taking them to her place.

When we woke this morning, I did my traditional Saturday egg breakfast with the kids. ‘lil Miss A asked for hers to be “white eggs”, so she was introduced to “dippy eggs” and loved them. We discussed what we’d do for the day, and decided to head up to Grove City to visit my dad at Annual Conference and then get home in time for Greg to get to poker with the guys.

The kids loved having an extra day with Grammie very much. So much that when she tried to leave, they wouldn’t let her. We had to trick A into believing she was staying another night, and even had her “fall asleep” with her. You see, when Grammie tries to leave, things quickly go from this:

Day With Grammie

To this:

Day With Grammie

To all all out screaming meltdown within 3 seconds flat. The kids are spoiled much, but I am so glad that they get to have a love like that in their lives. Thanks, Grammie, even if it makes you feel bad that they cry when you go, know that it’s because they love you so! 🙂