Girls’ Night Out

Last weekend, Greg and I got to head out on a date. Next to us was a table clearly filled with a diverse group of ladies on girls’ night out. Although I was on a date, I have to tell you that I was a bit jealous.

[ Girls’ nights have been few and far between since I moved home to Pittsburgh (over 4 years ago). It’s not that I don’t have girlfriends, it’s that they don’t all live in the Pittsburgh area and our busy schedules do not always align. Hopefully some day soon I’ll be able to hook up a group of girls for a night out. ]

This particular group of ladies looked like they were around the same age, but all clearly in different places in their lives. The mom (who deserved the night out and was trying her best not to talk 24/7 about the kids). The career woman (checking her Blackberry). The   perpetual student (who opted from water instead of the happy hour special because it was the financially sound choice). The flirt (who was talking about Twitter and her guys). Yet, they all were able to connect and enjoy a night out together, squeezed into the biggest table at the restaurant, reminiscing and enjoying each other’s company.

[ Why yes, I was listening in. I was jealous. ]

At one point, they started to talk about the “perfect” girls’ night topic for a diverse group–Disney. I mean, think about it. Everyone can relate to it in some way. You can talk about the kids, planning a wedding there, reminisce the band trip. Every girl group has to have that one thing that bonds them together.

[ And tonight, it makes me think of the things that bond my girl group together. Part of it is family. Part of it is paper crafting. Part of it is yoga. Part of it is good food. Part of it is Lifetime TV. Part of it is Chuck. Part of it is the ocean. I can’t tell you our “one thing”. I can’t tell you that our group is perfect, but we definitely fit together. And, our group isn’t just the ladies there each trip. We’re a group that changes from year to year, but still bond the same. I can’t explain it, but I can tell you I am glad I have these ladies in my life to be there for when I need a good girls’ night out. ]

And I cannot wait until September. Resting Place, here we come.


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